Saturday, February 11, 2012


Good Evening and welcome to my Saturday morning and very early in the morning for the Northern Hemisphere - another wonderful temperate summer day for me in Adelaide and I know other places around the country are suffering heat and in many places the rain is still falling.

"To have joy one must share it" and I believe these words are very true that a joy shared is delightful and delicious.   Shared laughter and silliness brings untold joy,  when with a friend you can just laugh at nonsense things and enjoy the time.    Friendship is such a special gift - we can share laughter, we can share tears and can work together on projects 

I love the times when I can sit with a friend and almost shut the world out and just pour out the things that are delighting, concerning or troubling us - I am blessed indeed to share such a friendship. 

I think it is so important that we as adults don't forget how to play, how to amuse ourselves and mostly to laugh at the fun and good times.  We often take life far too seriously and there is so much benefit to be had from laughter and fun.   We seem to need to have children around to play, but we shouldn't really.   

Learn to laugh and sing and be just plain silly at times - it is very liberating and charges our batteries - I love it all.

I have had a day of letter writing and got about a dozen emails away and some overseas mail ready to slip into the post tomorrow and also about eight letters to friends who don't have email.   This is the post Christmas response and they will be waiting for the mail - seven weeks since Christmas I guess that isn't too bad a length of time.  My excuse before now was that I didn't have a working printer to print the photographs, but that excuse went out of the window about two weeks ago.   I achieved today and it is a lovely feeling.

I am playing scrabble on line with a friend in Kentucky - we rarely speak or email these days, but whenever I check in - I think of her and know that she has thought of me when she played her next move.   Thank you Suzanne.

My days are full and happy and my health is good, I have friends and family and I am loved and cherished ~ there really isn't much more I could wish for and I hope that you have the joy of these things in your life.   For me I can truly say that "The joy is in the journey."

Wherever you are in this beautiful world as you read these words know that I send good wishes your way for love and laughter, magic and music, sunshine and starlight, peace and plenty and of course wishes that you are able to play and be silly sometimes.

I am not good at Goodbyes and don't like the hurried ones and find it so important to say to those I love that I do love them - it is such a special thing to hear ~ "love you more."

Thank you for visiting the Musings from My Heart on this wonderful Saturday evening where my sky is full of diamonds and there is a gentle breeze blowing.  I have a joyful heart this evening.

Love and hugs,

( I know it is a Christmas tag, but it is for the word JOY)

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Joe said...

Yup! Love ya More!