Friday, February 10, 2012


Good Afternoon and welcome to the end of the working week for us down in the Land Down Under and those friends in the Northern Hemisphere still have to face Friday yet.  I had this image in my mail this morning and I loved it - it is so very true that no one can determine your attitude and that you alone wear the crown.  You reign supreme over your feelings, your emotions and your attitude.

This image made me smile and realize that it doesn't matter what age we are - we still have control over our attitude to life and the bumps that it gives us along the way.   We can handle these things in many ways but positively is by far the best way and being in control of who "wears the crown" is a perfect way to live you life.   With wearing the crown does of course come the responsibility and consequences of our actions.  We must set our own boundaries and live by the consequences of any decisions we make.

It is my belief that boundaries and consequences are a vital part of all of our lives and the lives of young children - they need to know how far they can go and what the consequences of "breaking the rules" is.   We all need boundaries and need to know just how far we can go ~ they make living far easier.

I hope that you are comfortable in your crown and that you don't let anyone put you down.   Don't take it on board, just be strong in the way you handle your life and your days.

The sharing of emotion and joy are among the greatest pleasures in life and it is pure magic to hear the excitement in a voice and to sense the achievement on a job well done.   This can be absolutely anything in life.  From holding out your hands and encouraging a baby to take those first hesitant steps and cheering when he or she does - remember those times ? I most certainly do and recall clapping and encouraging my little ones on to the next step and have done that all their lives with their ventures and plans.   It can be admiring a piece of handcraft made after long hours of perseverance - such as a handmade quilt.   

I truly admire quilting - but it is one of the things I don't get - why would you cut up beautiful material and then sew it back together again.  I understand the concept of making something more beautiful.   

 In the time is has taken me to type that last sentence I have had a "light bulb"moment when I think I do get it at last - that working with beautiful things can make something even more beautiful.  I guess that is like life really - we may be beautiful souls, but the cuts and stitches make us even more beautiful.  

I like that - the idea of being a "quilt" cut and stitched by life and sewn together to make us into  more beautiful people.   Being cut and sewn with love and great care can enhance us and the patchwork represents all facets of our lives.   I am happy to be a quilt.

"I never knew you
But then who really did?
If you were at all like me
You managed to keep yourself hid
A patchwork quilt of a life
Memories embroidered
On your soul"

from Patchwork Quilt by The Grateful Dead

Yes I think that I shall look at quilts very differently from now on.  It fascinates me where lessons come from and how then suddenly hit us and we know the answer.  Right up until I sat down to do this blog I just did not "get patchwork" and even in conversation at lunch time I said this.  But now I do. 

Those quilt images are beautiful and I hope that you are working on the quilt that is your life, snipping threads of bad feeling, cutting away animosity and greed, trimming and carefully stitching the parts of your life into your beautiful quilt which will represent your whole life.

Quilts take a long time to sew and complete and are a work in progress and I am happy to be considered as a quilt - a work in progress.  

I wish you a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend - keep working on your quilt of life and letting your little light shine.

Thank you for visiting the Musings from my Heart - a thoughtful heart today and thankful for the lessons learned.

Love and hugs,

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Joe said...

I love this installment of your blog. It really made me stop and think about my quilt and what makes up my quit. I really have much to say about this, but I will wait until I speak with you personally. But know - that again - your blog as provoked a lot of thought within me and about what is going on in my life right now. It's funny - how each post, even though you live on the other side of the wall - seems to find me sitting in the topic of your thoughts. Interesting!

Love and hugs!