Thursday, February 9, 2012


Good evening from Adelaide - and I missed blogging yesterday and wonder if I was missed - I didn't forget, but got caught up with the most amazing emotional stuff and my head and heart were full and I couldn't get my thoughts straight.    To a very large extent I am still blown away and not thinking clearly - so I have promised myself a very early night and hopefully a sweet sweet sleep will be mine and my head will clearer.

My head and heart could not be happier and my life is filled with the joy of living and loving.
It is a very precious honour to share the emotions of feelings of an other's heart and I am blessed to be close enough to someone very special but it blows my mind.  Sharing and caring is very very special.

Being speechless is not something that is common to me, but believe me it has been achieved and my heart took flight ~ I am at home with myself and it is such a lovely feeling.

I hope that there are joyous things in your life and that your world is bringing joy to you - the seasons are changing and I noticed this evening that the night time has arrived earlier - the days are shorter and although we are still in our summer it has been cool.   It is snowing in parts of America and lots of Europe is in the grip of a very icy winter.   The canals in Venice are frozen bringing "traffic" to a halt.

I had a message today from a Daffodil Farm and there are early daffodils in bloom in parts of the world.   This photograph is of a beautiful daffodil in Georgia.

Spring is on the way for our northern hemisphere friends and for us Autumn will soon don her beautiful gown and grace our stage.  I love Spring and Autumn - I love the changes and the beauty they hold.   I can also see beauty in a stark bare winter tree.   My friend Diane who lives in Illinois has been posting pictures of winter trees and I have loved seeing them.

On Thankful Thursday I have so very much to be thankful - for friends and family, love, laughter, music and mirth,  peace and plenty and I am delighted to say I am thankful for health and happiness.

Our elder daughter took a tumble down the stairs at her home and is rather battered and bruised, but nothing broken and no serious damage so that is something to be very thankful for.   She was hurrying and really doesn't know what happened and she was wearing flat shoes so that's a good thing. The biggest blessing here is that Nick was at home to help her.    I am blessed indeed.

When this blog is posted I am off to find some comfort in my bed and to perhaps finish reading the novel I have been struggling with - I thought I had left it at the hairdressers, but it was in the boot of the car.   I am vague at times and often misplace things and then spend a lot of time looking for them.    I am getting better with my keys after the big "lock out day" when I shut my keys inside and  had to wait for help to arrive.

Goodnight from me and the Land Down Under and thank you for visiting the Musings of my Heart - a heart full of emotion, love and mostly happiness.

Love and hugs,

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Joe said...

Well, we are so used to you being logged on and doing/supporting others in the virtual world. We sometimes may forget that you have a full and busy life. Personally, I love when you go "under cover" because I know that you are out living and enjoying your life. You are engaged in occupations that bring you out into the real world - which to me is a refreshing thought.
It sometimes is easy to get caught up in this "virtual world" forgetting what is truly important in life. I am glad you are spending time doing the things that are necessary. Blogs, Emails and such can wait - they will always be there. But it doesn't offer the chance to go out and play in the sunlight! How can the virtual world give you feeling you get when you are on the beach flying a kite? Nothing can replace that!