Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Good Morning and welcome to my early morning - sleep was not my companion and I have been awake for a very long time and up for a couple of hours.   The first thing I noticed when I opened my door this morning was a beautiful moon in a clear clear sky.   The air is crisp and there are clouds across the moon -and the shadows of the trees was truly lovely.  It was worth getting up so early just to see this beautiful sky.

I am off to the hairdresser early this morning and will enjoy time with the girls there  - they spoil me and fuss me and I love their company.  Hair does need a trim too.  

Viewing the moon this morning took me down the path of the moon and all the phrases we use connected to it:

Aim for the moon
Harvest Moon
Crescent moon
New Moon
Man in the Moon
to moon about
the Moon is made of green cheese
Crying for the moon
Over the moon
Promise someone the moon
Many moons ago

These are just a few phrases and we could of course list words
moon child 
moon child
blue moon

The moon features well in our language and has all sorts of romance attached to it too - our oceans rise and fall with the pull of the moon and the seasons change and our earth responds to the moon too.   Lots of people choose to plant their gardens according to the seasons of the moon.  

It really is fascinating how day after day, month after month. season after season the moon rises and sets in our lives and we really don't take much notice of it, until like this morning we are made aware of it's beauty.

How often we take things for granted in our lives - sunrise/sunset -the changing of the seasons, our family and friends.   Just because they are always there we tend to overlook the things that make them shine for us.

When I sat down to write this blog I had no idea which direction it would take and here we are waxing lyrical about the moon.  I recall when my children were very small they would want to go outside to say goodnight to the moon, and then would happily go off to bed.   This got to be a problem during daylight saving as their theory - no moon - no bed.  

I hope this post reminds you to look at your world and to see the beauty that is there every day - it changes but is still beautiful.   I have been noticing that the days are getting shorter for us as we have well passed the longest day and soon the winds of autumn will grace my days. I love autumn with the glorious colours and the crisper days and lengthening shadows.

All is well in my little corner of the world and I hope it is the same for you - take your children outside and look at the moon and try to see it through their eyes and find the joy of wonder once again.   There is so much beauty out there and seen through different eyes it all becomes fresh and new.

I wish you a day filled with wonder, a day filled with beauty in the little things and there are oh so many of those to be seen, enjoyed and relished.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a heart today filled with the wonder of the world and in awe of the changing of the seasons.

Love and hugs,

Sparkle and shine on this beautiful Ruby Tuesday.

"Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars."

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