Monday, February 6, 2012


Good afternoon and welcome to Monday - a truly beautiful cool summer day in Adelaide and I love these cool days in what is often regarded as the hottest month of summer.   No doubt more hot weather is on the way but for now for me - this is just beautiful.

Summer fruit is beautiful - I have had grapes and a lovely peach picked this morning from a friend's tree ~ firm and sweet with that lovely downy fuzz.   We have had rain too and on Saturday evening the rain was truly beautiful - a silver bead curtain just falling down without wind and trickling down the window panes.  Little silver pearls puddling on the ground and dripping from umbrellas at the restaurant where we had dinner.   I love this sort of  rain, and this word art says so much - "some people feel the rain, others just get wet."  I believe I feel the rain and I also like to get wet too,  Two of the girls I was out with had laundry on the line and that enjoyed a final rinse from the rain.
I also watched the rain "beading" on the cars (wishing that my car was out in the rain to get rid of some of the dust) - summer rain is beautiful.

We are a week into February which means that officially our summer only has three weeks left - but I think that there will be a hot March.

Here in Australia we are well into Monday and Sunday is finished for most of America and Canada and sleep now resides with them and they will wake and rise and get into Monday as most of us Down Under are heading to bed.  I love the crazy time zones that we share - it makes life interesting.

Much of America would have watched the Super Bowl on their Sunday evening and I am sure there was much screaming and cheering leaving many people happy with the result and many others very unhappy.  That's how sport goes - you either win or lose.  Bit like life really and I am determined to win - to let my little light shine and be hopeful and caring, kind and supportive.

It was lovely to spend time with Alexis and Naomi and revel in the excitement of their holiday plans - they are both excited about their holiday and are busy making lists of things they want to see.

My weekend was a full one - and it just confirms with me that I have to pace myself and plan better.  Today I am slow and taking it easy and how blessed I am to be able to do that.   

Ray is home from Jamestown after helping with the Shearing and he also managed to go to Kindergarten and do lunch duty with Damon - he would have loved that and little Henry would have been so proud of Papa Ray and Daddy being the helpers.   They helped the children unpack their lunches and tied shoe laces etc.  It is great that Dads get involved and Melinda was off at work and Grace at School.  Well done Papa Ray.

I am still finding rebellious Christmas decorations that seem to have hidden themselves and it is only 322 days until Christmas (please don't throw things at me).  I still have decorations on the gates and when asked on Saturday why that was so I replied "I am trying to keep Christmas in my heart all year" - and then went on to explain that they are there because I have been too lazy to take them down.  I need a pair of pliers to cut the cable ties and each time I go that direction I forget the pliers.   That's my excuse anyway.  

It has been a very emotional weekend for many of us and I hope those who have been walking the tightrope of emotion are able to settle into a sweet and peaceful slumber.  Sleep is very restorative and I know I don't get enough of it,  and suspect my medication has something to do with that, although I have always been a night owl and had late nights and early mornings.   I did for a long time have "baby bed time" but I am able to join the world again for longer periods of time and I am delighted to report that it is still a beautiful world filled with beautiful people.

We need to nourish and nurture our souls as well as our bodies, feed our souls with whatever helps keep them calm and on track.   Sweet sweet music, the written word, the company of friends, good conversation - all healthy and healing.  Take time in each and every day to just sit and enjoy the silence - I know that sounds absurd to those of you with growing children and who work.   

Get up ten minutes earlier and spend that time in silence and I know it used to help me get through the days when I was working  14 hour days.   I used to rise at 4.30 spend time in silence and then take the dogs to the local football ground, home again and shower and dress and at work by 7.00.a.m and not leave for home until 9.00.p.m.   They were busy days and enjoyable days and it was during those days that some of my kids learned so much - without them and their involvement I could not have done it.  They did the laundry and the shopping and often the cooking.  It was very much a team operation.   

I couldn't do it now even with a whole regiment to help me - I am older, slower and much happier than I was in those days.   I do know however, that those times in silence restored my soul and kept me going.

Thank you Carol for your lovely message regarding this Blog - it means a lot to me as do all of you who faithfully visit and travel with me.  You know who you are and you also know how important you are to me. 

I am glad you are taking this journey with me and I wish you a peaceful smooth road and a time of silence each day.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a heart relishing the Sounds of Silence again.

Love and hugs,

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