Sunday, February 26, 2012


Good Afternoon and welcome to my very warm world where the sun is beating down and the atmosphere is full of an impending summer storm.   I love Sunday mornings when the world is a little quieter and there is almost a feeling of calm.A quiet inside day for me with air conditioning singing away nicely and keeping me cool. 

In some lives right now there is far from calm ~  I am overwhelmed this morning by the number of people for whom there is no peace right now.  My friend Nicole's Mum died yesterday and has left Nicole and Angel quite shattered - it was expected but nevertheless a big shock when it comes.

I have sick friends who are in real trouble and need my prayers and love and I give that unconditionally and gladly.   When you talk to whatever Deity you espouse there are few names you could mention ~ Kristy, David, Jeanne, McKenzie and McKenzie and Tater and Crosby and all struggling in one way or another.

I love sharing and giving gifts and my gift for you today is love and care wrapped in hope and tied with the ribbons of friendship.   If I could have my way there would be a package at every doorstep everyday just because I care, but that can't be - but I can share love and kindness with you all and I do.  I can give you the gift of concern and friendship.

This is a poem I wrote for Christmas some years ago, but it is equally relevant at any time of year and as I suffer from (endure and enjoy) "Obsessive Christmas Disorder" it is fine to post it.


If I had the wings of an angel
And could have my wishes come true,
These are the things I would wish ~
And these would be my gifts for you.

Peace of heart and mind
In a world where love abounds.
I wish you gentle quiet days
Where kindness and friendship is found.

Love of friends and family ~
A tender gentle touch,
A smile, a gentle caring word
Which says “I care so much.”

I wish for you compassion
To hear another’s cry.
To reach out and help someone ~
Or at least the courage to try.

I hope that you can find the strength
To carry on in days of pain,
I hope that strength is your umbrella
To shelter you from rain.

I wish you the courage to stand alone
For the things that stir your soul.
I wish you a sweet and blessed faith
Which allows you to be whole.
These the gifts I would choose for you
And I’d tie them with ribbons of love
I would wrap them in friendship’s special care
Sent from The Father above.

© Linda J. Vaughan
December 9th. 2005

 Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I wish you a peaceful week at work, at home, caring for children, caring for your family and a happy time just living and loving.

Thank you for visiting the musings of a thankful giving heart,

Love and hugs,

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