Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Welcome to Tuesday ~ Ruby Tuesday ~ remember to sparkle and shine on this day and to also keep calm and eat cake.   I love the idea and a pink teapot too.

What happened to Monday ?  Let me tell you ~ I declared a "Blogging Holiday" and did some other things and I am sorry for those who came looking for my post ~ I plain and simply didn't do one.   I am here now on Tuesday evening after a day which has been delightfully and deliciously cool, after stinking heat.   I didn't like it last year and I don't like it any more this year; tomorrow is the last official day of summer, but I suspect we will have some warm days during our early autumn.  After long hot spells people are exhausted and take a while to recover their vim and vigour.   I missed sending you all greetings, but it was a good thing  to take some time out for me.

Life is sweet and calm for me, but I know it isn't that way for many of you and that some of you face the daily grind of each day with some sort of dread.  I hope that you are able to find some happy hours and enrich the lives of those you work with.

For those returning to work after a protracted illness I share your joy and enthusiasm at being well enough to go back into the fray.   Take good care of yourselves and enjoy the challenges that are likely to come up for you.   I hope there is a warm and welcoming reception from your colleagues.
Be gentle with yourselves and remember, if you need to rest then you should do that.

I resorted to the old technique of using the telephone today instead of the video camera and it was lovely to speak across time and distance, but I have become accustomed to seeing the facial expressions and the mannerisms, and I kind of missed that.    There's a line from a song there.

I've Grown Accustomed To His Face Lyrics

I've grown accustomed to his face,
He almost makes the day begin,
I've grown accustomed to the tune he whistle night and noon.
His smiles, his frowns,
His ups his downs are second nature to me now
Like breathing out and breathing in.

I was so really independent and content before we met,
Surely i could always be that way again and yet
I've grown accustomed to his looks,
Accustomed to his voice,
Accustomed to his face.

I've grown accustomed to his face,
He almost makes the day begin.
I've gotten used to hear him say good morning everyday.
His joys, his woes, his highs, his lows
Are second nature to me know
Like breathing out, breathing in

I'm very glad he's a man and not easy to forget
Rather like a habit one can't always break and yet
I've grown accustomed to the trace of something in the air

Accustomed to his face.

Tomorrow Wednesday 29th. will be that once in every four years where we get the extra day ~ however you spend this time try to find some small joy in your life, your work, your home and in our beautiful world.

This afternoon I was able to spend some time with a friend from New South Wales and hear stories of the amount of rain they have had and the three snakes she found in her bedroom.   Yuck ~ I would be terrified, but she seemed so serene about it and closed the door, put towels against the door and then rang a neighbour.   I would have been able to fly to the neighbour's house.  She and her neighbour are both very brave girls.

And now it is time for me to go off to bed and for those in the Northern Hemisphere who are just starting to wake up to Tuesday - it was a good day and I hope it will be a good day for you.  

It is an exciting day for my friend Kevi in Colorado - she is to receive a letter and photograph from her heart donor family.  May it bring all the joy to her and comfort to their family.

Take care, be safe and I thank you for visiting the Musings of my heart ~ a tired, but contented heart today.

Love and hugs,

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