Friday, March 9, 2012


It's Friday morning in my little corner of the world and life is just fine and dandy  ~ not without some complications, but all is well.   Weather is glorious ~ beautiful sunny autumn days and cool nights.
I did some early morning shopping and a full moon was still visible in my morning sky although the day had long dawned,   The moon has been amazing of the past few nights ~ go out and look when night time comes for you and when I do that I become aware of the size of the universe and yet the fact that as the moon sets for me it rises in the northern hemisphere, so for a few brief hours the moon is visible on the sky to both halves of the world.   Truly beautiful image this morning.

The days and weeks are flying so fast ~ it will be Easter soon and then we will be on the way forward to Christmas once again ~ only 290 days to go,

To those for whom Friday has dawned make it a good day and enjoy all that is has to offer ~ if the road is tough and steep ~ I hope you have a friend to walk beside you and share the load.   Someone to cheer you as you make your way forward.    Be proud of your achievements and anticipate a weekend filled with happy hours.

To those of you who linger in the mist of Thursday ~ spend a quiet evening, discuss your day, how you feel and what has happened to you and then be sure to get a good night's rest so that you too can enjoy all the lovely things that Friday has to offer.

I have started reading again after a short break ~ don't know what happened there, but I am back into books and articles and loving it.  We have taken out a subscription to Time Magazine again and I will enjoy that ~ that was cancelled during the time of my illness as I couldn't read it and no-one else had the time or inclination to do so.    So now we have the weekly mailing of the magazine and will find some interesting articles in there.

I have several DVDs to watch - and am delighted with the arrival on The Tree of Life and The Help in my mailbox this week - now to find the time to watch them, plus the others I have but haven't watched yet.   I was going to view several over summer ~ but it just didn't happen.  

I have been cooking this morning ~ a big pot of sauce in the slow cooker and the kitchen smelling of oregano, garlic, tomato and all sorts of spices ~ very nice.  I really enjoy my slow cooker and use it all year round.

I did some shopping very early this morning and it was bliss ~ no crowds, no crying children and no frazzled mothers and a staff who were fresh and not tired from the day  ~  a very pleasant experience (or at least as pleasant as grocery shopping can be.)

And apart from all of this there is little to write ~ maybe a movie on Sunday with The Golden Girls (who, by the way are doing a Cooking Class on Saturday ~ I opted out of that one.) but I shall spend Saturday with Mary (Narelle's Mum on holiday here, so she won't be alone.)

Several of my friends are struggling health wise right now and I send love and care to comfort you and ease your journey.  It's never easy coping with work situations when you are feeling a little under par, but hold tight to the friendship and care I have for you and I hope in some small way it makes the path a little smoother.

Please hold my friend Kristy in your hearts and prayers ~ she is really having a tough time right now and could use all the love and support we can muster.  It's her birthday time too - Happy Birthday Darling Girl.

No matter how dark the path or how difficult there is always something to be thankful for and I hope that wherever you are that there is some little piece of happiness that finds its way to you and brightens your heart.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart ~ a thankful and pensive heart today.

Love and hugs,

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