Tuesday, April 10, 2012


What a wonderful weekend it has been for me - the weather has been perfect (in fact a little cool) and I have been out and about most days of the four day break.  It has been like one long meal ~ it was lovely to spend time with friends and to enjoy pizza and a barbeque.

I did manage to get some beading done and beaded a lanyard to hold scissors when I am doing craft or beading work.

Sunday it rained a little but did not manage to spoil our barbeque get together with Dianne ~ it was lovely.   Good food, good friends and lots of laughter.

I have new glasses and I am very pleased and also very pleased that they are going to try to replace the frame of my favourite pink glasses as I stood on them.   I now just wait for a phone call.    I did find a pair of glasses I have been looking for for quite a long time now - so it has been glasses day - new glasses, maybe a new frame, and the lost are found.

Mew glassed frame showing filigree work and Swarovski crystals.

It has been a time of sharing and showing love and concern.   I have been blessed to have been able to talk with my friend and share concerns and also share laughter and gift opening times.  It is lovely to sense pleasure and excitement at a received gift and to hear of the work that has been done on a supposedly Holiday weekend.    Lots of energy gone into a special garden bed, where will bloom and flourish "Gift of Life" flowers ~ roses, lavender, ground covers and it is going to look stunning.    All it needs now is some warmth and some rain ~ plenty of love has already gone into there.

It is tough when pain gets in the way and makes what should be a pleasure into a painful experience but patience, perseverance and pleasure will push past the pain  and it will be perfect.

It is lovely to share family celebrations and to peruse photographs ~ it certainly is a time for getting together and most of us managed to do that.    Nick and Rebecca were spending a Wet Easter Monday in London with a visit to the Tate Gallery - good place to visit on a wet day.

I am grateful for travelling mercies for my family and friends and wish the same for Mary who travels home to Murwillumbah tomorrow morning after a seven week stay with Narelle.   Happy Trails to you Mary - there is always warmth and love in the presence of your smile.

A group photo after Barbeque 
Dianne's yummy cakes.
It certainly has been a happy weekend.

Tomorrow I am off to have my Mammogram and have in my mind and heart the words of Vicki who recently lost her battle to breast cancer - she always reminded us to get the mammogram, ask questions and to not hesitate to get a second opinion.

Vicki this one is for you !

Have a wonderful week settling back into routine - and I thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart ~ a thankful heart and a tired girl.

Love and hugs,

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