Saturday, April 7, 2012


Welcome to Saturday and Easter Brunch at this house came and went in the blinking of an eye.   It was a really happy time with family and friends - missing of course were Rebecca and Nick who were travelling from Edinburgh to London ~ I sent them pictures though. This technology amazes me.

I had the table set with good crockery and cutlery and lovely cream cloths and napkins in Easter colours of pink, purple and yellow.   Little fluffy chicks graced the table and there was lovely buns, bread and chocolate biscuits, coffee and tea for those who preferred.

There was an abundance of food and good company - it was lovely to sit quietly on a Friday morning and spend time with family and friends.   Good food, good conversation and lots of laughter, lots of memories shared of times over the years.

Well there you have it - a lovely time and a time to reflect on ALL the blessings that are mine ~ my family, my friends and the love we share, the memories, the teasing and the laughter.   Kindnesses shown and love all around.    I am thankful for so many things, emails, messages, lovely letters in the mail and friendships and love that transcend time and space.

Last night was a full moon and I am sharing a photograph taken by a friend :

Try to look tonight and share the wonder I feel that we all stand beneath the same moon only our clocks and time mean that we see it at different hours.   I find that a comfort that we all share the same moon all over the world.    So that the moon that shines on the water at Delaware Bay is the same moon that shines on the water of Gulf St. Vincent here in Australia.   And the same diamonds that shine in my sky shine for my friends in USA.   

Thank you for visiting the Musings of this thankful heart.

Love and hugs,


Whimsicalnotions said...

Happy Easter what a lovely table you set with food family and friends,

Nature Weaver said...

We think alike. The moon holds a sacred presence in my life, as it obviously does in yours. I'm always taking picture of the moon. I like your sentence, 'the same diamonds that shine in my sky shine for my friends in USA.' That's nice. It's Easter here today.