Thursday, April 5, 2012


Good evening on the Thursday before Easter and I have been shopping and bought lots of hot cross buns for our family get together tomorrow morning.  Steaming coffee and lovely buns with butter.

There will be eight of us here and absent will be Nick and Rebecca who are currently enjoying their last day in Edinburgh before going down to London for Easter to spend some time looking at their favourite book shops, tea rooms and Pubs.

It was crazy at the Shops this morning as everyone was trying to get things done and I hope that wherever and however you celebrate this special time of year, you are with those you love and that you are able to enjoy nice food, pleasant conversation and rest. 

To those of you travelling for the special joy of getting away I wish you a safe journey and a wonderful time with special people.   To those who are staying home may there be peace and joy in your weekend too.  For us in Australia it is a four day break and lots of families go camping and enjoy a break before autumn and winter settle in for us.   Daylight saving has ended and we are having darkness arrive much earlier and the evenings are cool, even if the day has been warm.

I also got caught up in the Easter Egg routine this morning ~ so there is lots of Easter fare in this house to be enjoyed ~ and mostly it will be a quiet weekend for us ~ but that is fine too.

The weeks have been busy for me with medical appointments and I know others I love have been going through the mill with appointments, discussions, changed medications and procedures.  Holding you close as you take this part of your journey and sending you all the love in the world to comfort and reassure you.

I have been listening to music this afternoon which always soothes me ~ and although I have had a few sleepless nights I am doing well.   I am looking forward to a weekend filled with music and quiet hours and to catching up with friends both in real time on via video camera.  That lovely face to face conversation is so very special ~ the shared laughter and the sharing and showing of things is very special.

I have a lovely Chocolate Bunny which I am managing to keep for Sunday and I will enjoy that especially knowing it was sent to me with very great love.

My life is good and indeed is special ~ I received an email from Flinders Transplant Coordination team telling me that they have a letter for me from my Donor family and that I should have that on Tuesday ~ I am excited and it is very special to be thought about at holiday times ~ I had a Christmas card and now a greeting at Easter ~ I am very excited.

So at this special time of the year my love and care comes out to you over time and space and I thank you for visiting the Musings of my Heart ~ a heart filled with love and care today.

Love and hugs,

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