Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Welcome to Ruby Tuesday and "There is rich folklore that surrounds the ruby. Many amazing things have been said to be represented by the ruby. Integrity, devotion, happiness, healing are just some of the properties believed to belong to the ruby. And don't forget romance."

I hope that you have a "Ruby" day and are able to sparkle and shine in all facets of your life and that there is integrity, devotion, happiness and healing (and of course a little romance would be lovely.)

Our days can become quite crowded with the things we have to do and we can sometimes become lost in the whirlwind ride that is the business week.  I got caught up in that this morning with appointments and people running late.   My Blood Centre was almost an hour late opening because the Technician had overslept.   I wasn't a good thing and there were many waiting to for tests who were angry and upset.  I had a second appointment and was concerned I would be late ~ then I stopped and realized that this girl was going to be feeling bad enough without a tirade from patients.  Fortunately most of them left and went across to the Hospital.  

She arrived and I had my bloods taken and with some nifty and rather fast driving I was at my next appointment only five minutes late.   No drama ~ it happens to all of us and it was a lesson in patience for me ~ unfortunately the others were too cross to learn the lesson.

I think I caught every red light possible, got caught up in School traffic and road works, and just decided to go with the flow, turn up my music and that Bette Midler and I may be late, but we would have enjoyed the music.

I hope that your days at your Office, your Classroom, your factory or wherever you work can be filled with some kindness and joy when you choose to sparkle and shine.   Let the world see your lovely smile, your dancing eyes and let them feel your pleasant and kindly ways.

Be grateful for your health, your workplace, your colleagues and those who have become friends ~ celebrate their milestones as they share them with you.  Work lunches can be very special and getting to know those you work with in a different environment can really work well for office harmony.

Know that those who send you off to the workplace, school place or wherever you have to go do so with love and care and wish for you easy days and pleasant hours.   Know that they love you and hold you close in thought until you are home again.

Life is very pleasant in Adelaide at the moment ~ the weather is warm but the nights are cool ~ beautiful autumn days and whilst Spring is making her presence felt in the northern hemisphere I had a message from my daughter in Scotland telling me  "It is snowing in Edinburgh" ~ they will be delighted to see snow although I don't suspect that would have been expecting it and probably have not packed accordingly.  

My life is a whirl of appointments at the moment ~ I have a General Practitioner appointment tomorrow and then have cancelled Thursday's ~ I must learn to space them out a bit better than I have been doing.

My new glasses are available to collect and I have to get myself organized and get over to get them ~ and then Friday is Hot Cross Bun celebration here for friends and family and Easter is upon us.

My friend Vicki was buried today and she too was full of the spirit of Christmas and so to honour her I have a bowl on my table filled with pink Christmas balls, pink stars and pink hearts.   I also had balloons on my gate for her (pink again because Vicki lost her battle  with Breast Cancer) but not before a great fight

You can share your "Tinselitis" in Heaven Vicki and decorate all the Christmas Trees up there. You were a girl after my own heart with your love for Christmas Trees and I shall miss you.  

The days just fly past but each one is appreciated and enjoyed ~ I am alive and well and  the seasons are changing and nights are darker earlier all part of the transition into winter for us.

Thank you for calling by to visit the Musings of My Heart ~ a grateful heart and a pensive one too.

Love and hugs,

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Carole said...

A great song - Ruby Tuesday. Good luck. Lovely post.