Thursday, April 19, 2012


Good Evening and welcome to Thankful Thursday - I am running late ~ been a few days in a whirl and I am in love with my life ~ although it is taking some keeping up with recently.

I have an early morning Dental Appointment tomorrow - so this post will not be a long one or I will not get much sleep.  I have had parcels and mail all beautifully packages and much appreciated.  The joy of mail coming in is so very special and I try to keep up with my side of the world and in all of this busy living and joy of life I try to take time in solitude to gather strength for each beautiful day.

There are days when the sheer joy of living and the beauty that surrounds me takes my breath away and brings tears to my eyes and times when music takes my breath away and these are the times when I am aware of just how blessed I am.    I am blessed to have received the gift of life and honour that gift by trying to live life to the full and helping others and supporting those on a similar journey to mine.

I have friends who walk a very difficult path and it seems only a few months ago that my path was rough and difficult to negotiate.  I am thankful for love and life.

I am blessed to have those in my life who make the sun shine brighter, the birds sing sweeter and my sky a little bluer and for this I am thankful on this Thankful Thursday.   Thursdays are special because it was on a Thursday that a very special friend received his transplant and began the journey to new life.   It is a great privilege to share his joy of being alive this Spring to see the world reborn and to feel the gratitude of being alive to see the awakening.

Life is not without difficulty but there is joy to be found in the small things that we can see out and share with those around us.

I enjoyed the meeting I went to for Transplant Australia and hold high hopes for plans to increase awareness of organ and tissue donation.

Wherever you are on this Thankful Thursday - please try to find something to be thankful for and to enjoy your day - thank you for visiting the Musings of my Heart.  A heart filled with love and living.

Love and hugs,

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