Sunday, April 22, 2012


It is Sunday - well it's nearly over for me and just beginning for my northern hemisphere friends.  There is always something special about Sundays ~ that lovely slower tempo of a day without work.  I guess those who work Sundays have special feelings about their days off.

Today has been cooler and there have been showers of gentle and soft refreshing rain and I have not had arrangements made and have enjoyed the time at home.   I did shopping yesterday - not the grocery kind, but the stationers and I loved all the paper and pens and delightful things I found ~ including stickers and cards.   I had a lovely time and then again went off in the afternoon and did similar shopping and bought myself some scarves ~ it was a lovely day again with that soft refreshing rain that the gardens love and which call out for walking in.

I pulled some weeds from a big tub this morning and shall look forward to planting something in there.  Something that will bring colour and delight to me.   I have had spinach in there and it is useful but I feel the need for colour and beauty.

I left home for a little while this afternoon and posted some mail and then called in on friends and was delighted to catch up with visitors on holiday ~ such lovely people and the conversation was quiet and good and there was laughter.   I could have gone out to dinner with this group, but chose to come home as I am feeling a little weary.   It is called "pacing" myself and I am learning how to do this.

I have had good conversation all weekend and lovely messages on my answering service when I was out ~ a conversation with Rebecca in Prague  and again I am astounded at the clarity of the call - it was on her mobile phone and the reception to Prague was better than in some parts of the Adelaide Hills.   Their holiday is drawing to a close and they leave Frankfurt for Adelaide late on Thursday with a stop over in Singapore for several hours.   It will be good to see them and I think they have had a wonderful time but will be glad to be settled into routine again.

I hope your weekend has been/will be filled with love and laughter, sunshine and special times with those you love.   Hope the meals are good and that you enjoy time away from the grindstone.

Thank you for visiting the musings of my heart ~ a heart that is happy and has shared much of her story with a special soul who holds it in trust.

Love and hugs,

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Carole said...

Glad you had a nice Sunday, Linda. We are finally having a run of glorious weather over here in little ol NZ. Have a good week.