Monday, April 23, 2012


It is Monday and it is okay - there is so much to be thankful for.

Good afternoon and welcome to a wintry afternoon in Adelaide - Mother Nature's summer persona has left the building and we are left with strong winds and heavy rain - and the promise of hail although as I type there is just a glint of sunlight peeping through a pewter coloured sky.

We have had some really heavy showers of rain and the gardens are sighing with relief and the petals of the last roses of summer are all blown around my garden this morning which is a sure sign that change is in the air.

Our Indian summer has certainly gone and today is a winter clothes day and as I write I have a cup of steaming coffee on my desk.

This is my cup this afternoon - in typical pink/purple for me.   I did contemplate a sleep this afternoon, but suddenly it is late and that isn't going to happen now.

My trip to the Post Office this morning was interesting - no mail to collect, but I did get some away and had parked the car a distance from the Post Office and on my return walk I got absolutely soaked by one of those showers that just seem to come out of nowhere.  I loved it - walking in the rain was lovely, although cold.  The wind in my hair was refreshing too.

My three CD'S from overseas, and adding the one I already had are being wonderful company and it is lovely to listen to music selected for my listening pleasure with each song meaning something special to both of us.   There are many songs that stir memory of other times, other places and different people and times long gone.  Music brings me much joy and I value it's presence in my life.
Discs that have been recorded for me always bring a smile and are played often - so much so that I know the lyrics by heart and feel the warmth.

There is such hope and delight in the music and the lyrics and it encourages me to have hope and to delight in my life.

Friend is home from a few days at the Farm with his daughter and Grandchildren and seems to have had a wonderful time - the children went back to school today so Grandpa came home.  

Thank you for visiting the musings of my heart - a heart that is filled with love and wonder on this cold afternoon.

Love and hugs,

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