Sunday, April 29, 2012


Welcome to my world and welcome to my Sunday morning where the coffee is hot and sweet, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and I am filled with gratitude for all that I am and have.

Where do I start - I have had such a busy few days and yet haven't achieved very much ~ well that isn't entirely true either.   Friday just came and went in a blur and Saturday went by in a blur of a very different kind.   Friday is too long ago to really remember what happened but yesterday was very busy and a great day.

The day started with an early departure for the Airport to meet Rebecca and Nick from their flight from Prague/Frankfurt and Singapore - and of course the flight was late - but the Airport coffee was great and as always it was delightful to watch the "passing parade" and the person who caught my eye most of all (besides all the gorgeous children) was an Indian gentleman who looked stunning in a pale pink business shirt and matching pale pink turban  ~ my he was handsome and the pink looked wonderful.   I am intrigued as to how those turbans are wound  - and of course being a "Google Girl" I have been busy ~ this link is interesting.

It is my understanding that turbans are very long and I would love to have a try at winding one.  

The flight arrived and without too much delay the kids were off and with us again - it was lovely to see them and reach out to them.  They have had a wonderful time and taken lots of photographs so we will be having a photo session soon I suspect.   Our journey then took us to collect their cat from the Cattery and although glad to see them I think this cat is going to take a while to forgive them for their abandoning him.  

Then for me it was time to brush my hair and get off to lunch at the Hilton Hotel here in Adelaide - a lunch sponsored by The Royal Adelaide Hospital and I was part of a Donate Life Group.   It was a lovely meal, and it was great to meet new people and renew friendships with others.   It was great to see again my lovely Donor Mum I worked with during Donate Life Week.  I talked for a long while with a Donor Sister and it was a lovely time - she is in the advanced stages of her third pregnancy and looked absolutely beautiful.   I wrote this poem when I got home and share it with you now.

The food was great and the "Bollywood Style" Entertainment was good too - and I stepped out of the comfort zone and had a henna tattoo painted on and also wore a Bindi and here's the proof:

All of the glitter on the tattoo has gone but I am left with about three weeks before the henna will wear off.   

I came home with another invitation to another meeting - life is on the move for me and I rejoice that I am alive and well enough to be part of it all.

Weekends are often busy for families and there are many family functions to be attended and I gave thought this morning to Donor Families and the fact that I can celebrate with my family because of the generosity of another family.   I am thankful and humbled by their decision and keep all Donor Families in my thoughts and prayers.

Remember to attend your family functions, talk with people, take photographs, laugh and if you are anything like my family - you will eat lots too.

It is cold in my City this morning - as is to be expected with the advent of winter, but the sun is shining and God's in His heaven and all is well in my little corner of the world.

I did take some photographs of my City Square from the steps of the Hilton yesterday afternoon.

It was a lovely afternoon and there must have been a wedding in the Church in the background because the bells were pealing - it was beautiful.

That's it for me for today - I hope your Sunday is beautiful wherever you are - whatever you are doing ~ if you are busy with family - then relish it or if you are like me, enjoying the bliss of solitude - enjoy that too.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of this busy and thankful heart today.

Love and hugs,

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