Monday, April 30, 2012


Welcome to Monday and for me it is nearly over - it is late evening and I should be off to my bed, but I have a busy day tomorrow and may miss popping in to greet you all.   Weather here today was cool but we did see the sun shine for a long time.

It was just another Manic Monday (or the morning was at least) - it was a beautiful, normal day and one of those where if things can go wrong or get tangled they do.   I locked my keys in the house and couldn't open the gates - so I was locked inside until help arrived with a spare key.

Finally got on my way with computer to the Technician only to be told there was nothing wrong with it - great relief and frustration.  I then collected my spare set of keys from a friend only to find when I got home the gate key was on his car keys,  so he had to come up and bring that to me.  Thank  goodness for mobile phones - mine sure got a work out this morning.

There are huge road works on our main road and that kept traffic at a minimum and many people were getting really frazzled - I gave up and just laughed - I was in the thick of it and had to go with the flow.

When I finally did get inside I connected the PC only to find it would not connect to the Internet - of course it wouldn't - I had the cable in the wrong spot ~ like I said - Just another Manic Monday.

Afternoon settled in nicely - I caught up with someone special for a long chat and then did crossword puzzles with a friend and tomorrow is Hairdresser day - and I shall love being indulged and just sitting there and letting the world go by.

I then have an appointment which could be quite challenging and I am excited and apprehensive but will do it.

I have spoken to the travelers and both are feeling rather "jet lagged" but will be trying to do work tomorrow and get back into routine.   Nick's parents are due home tomorrow so there will be quite a few people feeling the effects of travel.

I noticed this evening that it was dark by  6.00.p.m.  - a sure indication that the winter is on it's way and I have some gardening to do - I received the most delightful gift in the mail on Friday - a package of daffodil bulbs in all shades of pink - what more could a girl want - daffodils in pink.  
I have worked out where I am going to plant them and will give you updated pictures as they start to shoot and then when they flower I will gladly and excitedly and very proudly show them off.
Such a lovely and thoughtful gift from one who knows me very well.

I am off to bed very soon, and will be up and about early for my day - I hope that Monday has been/will be a good day for you - I had chaos this morning, but that doesn't mean you will.   It was a nice day really and I am happy to pass it on to you.   It really is what you make of it  - and I found joy in little things and laughter in jammed traffic.   A nice CD in the car with lovely, specially picked and shared music makes the journey much nicer.

Take care and enjoy the day - thank you for visiting the Musings of My heart - a heart filled with wonder at the fact that I am alive and well.

Love and hugs,

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