Friday, May 4, 2012


Welcome to Friday in my little corner of the world where the autumn days are advancing and the nights are cooler and this morning we had some early morning mist.  I love mists and fogs - I like the way they wrap themselves around us and are in many ways comforting.

Busy days and happy days - where do the weeks go?  I don't seem to have achieved very much this week but I have spent a lot of time doing it.  Tuesday saw me at the hairdressers and then an early afternoon appointment and driving home in the heaviest rain I have ever experienced.  The rain was virtually horizontal and fog like.  I was stuck in the outside lane or I most certainly would have pulled over and waited for it to pass.   

I have no idea where Wednesday went and yesterday was a special day for me in that I was able to do some shopping for a friend and then visit her.  Jenny is housebound waiting for a hip replacement operation and it felt so good to be able to do for someone else what was so often done for me when I was ill.

Today I have been to the post office and got caught up in major roadworks and it took a long time but my visit there was very worthwhile.   I am a lucky girl - two parcels to collect today and one of them I knew was a selection of beads and beading findings I had ordered, delivered as promised this week.

My other package gave me cause to be puzzled so I stood at the boot of the car and opened the package, which took some doing without scissors.  One broken finger nail later I was delighted to find this lovely Kimmidoll coffee mug - a gift of love from a very special friend.

This Kimmidoll is named 'SORA' and her little label reads



My spirit is original and inspirational

"The uniqueness of your vision  and the originality of your ideas
reveal your imaginative spirit.

May your imagination take you on journeys of inspiration so 
that you may share with the world your creative insight and unique
understanding. "

I am very spoiled and very thankful.

The Transplant community in Australia is very saddened to learn of the death of David Gough who was a passionate and active campaigner for organ donation since he lost his beautiful daughter in December 2009,
David did a motor cycle ride all around Australia to increase awareness of the need for Organ and Tissue donors - he will be sorely missed and my thoughts are with his family.

Vale David Gough - thank you for a job well done.

There are several I know who are "under the weather" "a little sick" and feeling "very miserable" - take care of yourselves, rest lots and be well again soon - hurry back to us - you are missed.  For us in the Southern Hemisphere we are going into the colds and flu season and there is lots of sickness about.   There are coughs and colds in the northern hemisphere too - gather strength  and be well again soon.

I hope wherever you are that you are able to enjoy a lovely weekend - out and above and living life to the full or if you are housebound - then enjoy the time inside, rest, indulge yourselves a little and  catch up on some things you want to do.,

Please remember to do things that nourish and nurture your mind - try to learn something each day;  your body - go for a walk, get on the exercise bike or the treadmill, practice your dance steps.  Your spirit - find things that feed your soul - listen to music, read a book, read some poetry out loud. Remember to tell those you love that you do love them, do something special for them, surprise them with flowers ~ keep the flame alive.  Encourage and nurture your creativity - do some knitting, beading, painting, woodwork, polish some stones, do some needlecraft - whatever brings you joy and nurture your passion for life itself.   Be thankful each day.

Thank you for calling by to read the Musings of My Heart - a happy heart in spite of bitter/sweet times.

Love and hugs,

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