Saturday, May 5, 2012


Welcome to Saturday in Adelaide  - although I guess that by now it is Saturday everywhere in the world. ~ for me in my fair City it has been a very pleasant day.  The weather is cool, but the sun has shone and the clouds have come and gone.  No shopping today thanks to a kind friend who picked up the only thing I needed,'

It has been an outside sort of day and I have been planting pink daffodil bulbs - hands in the dirt and hope - hope for the blossoming of these beautiful heralds of spring.  My knees are telling me that gardening is not their favourite pastime, but thankfully the bulbs are in the ground.   These bulbs are a beautiful gift which arrived in the mail and if love will make them grow then then will blossom in abundance.

I planted them around the border of a garden bed which holds a beautiful weeping rose and then in a bed along the boundary fence:

Bulbs are planted around the edges

I had company in the garden

Yellow bulbs in here with fairies to watch over them.
In the wine barrel I planted some yellow daffodil bulbs and they should certainly provide a bright spot.

I have also done some reading and some laundry so it has been a busy and productive day.   I was invited out to the movies and to dinner, but I declined both invitations as I just feel the need to be at home today in my own safe little world.

The ground I planted these bulbs in was damp and cold and a beautiful brown - rich and lovely - and it reminded me very much of the changing of the seasons - it is not yet 5.30 here in the afternoon and it is dark enough to have the lights on.  Winter is advancing apace.

For the rest of my day I shall finish here, then sort my medications for the coming week and as I count out the pills and potions I give thanks for the life I have and the love that surrounds me.  Sure I take a cocktail of pills, but not as many as some do - just right for me.  I am medicated well and monitored often.   Although the often is not as often as it used to be - I have until June until my next appointment and that will have been a space of three months between visits - four a year sounds good to me.

To those of you who are still unwell - healthy wishes are with you for you to be back in top top form again very soon.  I hope the phone rings for you and you have someone to chat to for a while, or that you look up and see someone special walking down your garden path.

I wish you fragrance and flowers, sunshine and smiles and diamonds in your sky - thank you for visiting the Musings of my Heart on this Saturday evening.

Love and hugs,

Be sure to check the moon this Saturday evening - a full moon and I hope you have a clear sky to view it.

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Carole said...

those pink daffodils are just so beautiful. Have a nice Sunday.