Sunday, May 6, 2012


Welcome to Sunday in my little corner of the world where Mother Nature is wearing a gown of silver grey and hiding her smile today.   It has been cloudy since yesterday afternoon and we therefore missed seeing the Supermoon in all it's glory.  I was disappointed to have missed that and then realized while I was being miffed at not being able to share the beauty of it ~ I was missing so many other things.     Sure I couldn't see the moon in a crystal clear sky, but I could see the beautiful cloud formations and the wind whisking the clouds along across the moon and that was beautiful in itself.  I could feel the gentle wind that was blowing and smell the damp earth that comes with autumn days.   All simple but very beautiful things that are there if I will be present to the moment.

A restless night for me meant an early start to the day and a long distance phone call in the middle of my night got my head on straight again and I was again present to the moment and able to go back to my bed and get some more sleep.   When I finally did rouse and get out of my bed I felt that Sunday had started without me ~ but I have caught up now and all is well.    I realized that even though it was ten o'clock in the morning and I was still in my nightdress and robe, that the world would not go into a holding pattern and that it was okay to be a little lazy - a big lesson to learn for one who is usually showered, dressed and ready to face the day by 6.00.a.m. 

Busy days often mean a preoccupation and times when we do not listen carefully to what is being said - or what is not being said - it is important that we really try to be present to the moment as the moment is really all we have.  Cherish the time with those you love and don't forget to be sure they know that you love them.

I was going to take a walk at the River today, but have decided that can wait until tomorrow when I am less tired.   The leaves will be turning and the reeds bending and quivering in the water and there will be ducks and other water birds all waiting for me tomorrow and each autumn day.   Today I need to be at home and be present to my own surroundings,  I have lots of things to do, lots I could do but won't and lots I would like to do   I am content with what I achieve and I no longer stress about things I just don't get done.

Music is my companion today  - lots of  lovely pieces ~ some with vocals and some just soul stirring music and the hours go quickly as I listen.   I watch very little television, numerous DVDs but generally find music and radio my companions.   I play music in the car and there is usually a collection of Cd's to be selected from..

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” 

I am a dreamer , that I know for certain and a romantic through and through ~ so yes I am a music maker and a dreamer of dreams.

Wherever you are in your part of the world I hope that you can find some time to be a music maker, a dreamer of dreams and to be present to the moments of your life.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a contemplative but happy heart today.

Love and hugs,

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