Monday, May 7, 2012


Good evening and I am late with this post and I have no reason to be late apart from the fact that I have been doing other things.   My day in this city started early  and dawn brought another grey start to our day, but by late morning Mother Nature had drawn the grey curtain aside and was shining rather well.  We did have a few showers during the afternoon, but generally it was warm and pleasant.

My trip to the Post Office was futile as nothing there, and it took a while too with all the roadworks going on around us - and I encountered a nasty traffic accident at the corner - so that slowed things down even further.

Visitors and phone calls have been a big part of my day but then so too has laughter and music and lovely poetry shared with love.  How special is the technology we use  which allows us to send words and pictures around the world almost instantly and to be able to call someone up on their computer and talk face to face just blows my mind.  To be able to share things and show things a world away is amazing and very special.  I believe in magic - maybe that's why I find it.

I find magic in the Mail Service too - although at times it doesn't work fast enough for my liking - I find magic in that I can put things in an envelope and seal them and send them on their way and generally they arrive safely and someone on the other side of the world can open and enjoy them.

I find magic in music and the lovely lyrics, I find magic in being able to laugh with someone at myself and to enjoy shared laughter.  I find magic in poetry ~ some written long ago and some "hot off the press" and some written from a loving and caring heart and which carries deep and sincere meaning.

I find magic in the sunrise, the sunset and the waxing and waning of the moon..  I find magic in dark brown and damp earth that will nurture my bulbs and bring them to fruition.   I find magic in glitter and spangles and sparkles ~ they brighten my day .   I find magic in the laughter of children, the good companionship of coffee with a friend, a good book to read in bed. I find magic in a surprise parcel or letter waiting for me at the Post Office.   

Generally I can find magic all around me because I believe it is there.   I hope that in your world there is magic and that you are able to believe and find it.,

Wishing you a Monday filled with magic, green traffic lights, coffee your didn't have to make yourself, a surprise phone call or a letter, and good news you have been waiting for.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a heart today filled with the magic of so much of life and also gratitude for life itself.

Love and hugs,

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