Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Good Afternoon and welcome to Tuesday in my little corner of the world.  A world with a beautiful sky and a warm breeze (almost a wind) blowing ~ a day totally out of character for this time of year when our days are normally much cooler.   The sky this morning was the most delightful shade of blue and the clouds were very white and very fluffy ~ I did mean to take a photograph but somewhere in the chaos of my morning I forgot.

I am having computer issues and right now am typing this at the home of a friend so that I can let you know I may well be "Missing in Action" for a day or so.   Arrangements are in hand for a new computer as I think that my current one has had more than it's fair share of chances.   I have chosen to go with a laptop this time and am hoping that I am comfortable and happy with it ~ and of course that will be the perfect excuse for another bag.    My family call me "The Bag Lady" and I have to keep up with the tradition. 

These are the first two I have researched and I rather like the top one - that can wait a while I think ~ let's get the laptop home and get me back on line first.

I was disappointed that my computer chose this day to be in a messy mood as I was anxious to share the miracle that was happening to a member of the Group "Love your Liver" - Scott was having surgery to receive a portion of his son Josh's liver and so far all is going well.   The miracles of the telephone solved that problem for me ~ thank you Alexander Graham Bell for your wonderful invention.  Both are out of surgery and we now wait and pray for a full recovery for both of them.

It will be movie time for me this evening maybe and some beading, because I shall certainly miss my computer ~ but an early night in a warm and comfortable bed will be good for me, and I have several movies I wish to watch.

Wherever you are in this beautiful world I hope that there have been white fluffy and beautiful clouds in your sky and that the sun has shone for you.   Right now it is getting dark here in Adelaide and the sky is grey and threatening.   Driving this afternoon there was as threat of rain, but it did not arrive.

I hope you are warm and safe and I thank you for visiting the Musings from My Heart ~ a thoughtful and thankful heart today.

Love and hugs,

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