Saturday, May 12, 2012


It is Mother's Day again and as we honour Motherhood and all the lovely things about it - I want to take time aside to think of all those for whom Motherhood and Mother's Day is not the lovely time that it is for me.

I think of those of us whose Mother is no longer with us ~ remember her with affection and sweet memories and try to live your life in a manner of which she would be proud.  I know several people for whom this is a difficult day as they think of their Mother and the wonderful woman she was.

I think of those actually going through labour right now and we are struggling to bring a new life into the world - what a special day to have a baby.  I also think of those Mothers with broken hearts and empty arms, whose little ones did not make it and for whom this day is bitter sweet.  Although their babies are not with them they are Mothers too.

I remember those who's lives did not included Motherhood and yet who would have made wonderful Mothers.  I think of Grandmothers who are caring for the children so that Mothers can go to work.

My thoughts turn too to those girls who were forced to give up their babies because Society felt that it was not appropriate for there to be "unmarried mothers"  - some of these girls were forced to sign the adoption papers and years and years later they still grieve for their child.

I am blessed to be Mother to two lovely young women who are making their way in the world very capably and competently and of whom I am very proud and I see other young women in my life who are now Mothers themselves and I am proud of them too.

So on this Mother's Day 2012 - if you are a Mother - I send my warm thoughts and admiration and respect your way and to all those who are not Mothers for whatever reason, you are in my thoughts too.

Have a wonderful day - however you choose to spend it - make your Mother proud of you and honour the role of Motherhood it is a special and beautiful position in life.

Enjoy time with your family and celebrate all that goes to making up life for us.

Love and hugs,

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