Sunday, May 13, 2012


Welcome to Sunday Morning in my little corner of the world and where I am the sky is silver grey with darker pewter coloured clouds and a cold stiff breeze blowing.   I really like the quiet of Sunday mornings and the heavy cloud seems to make that quiet even more intense and although I suspect the roads are busy, where I am there is peace.  I am not far from the beach and may this afternoon go and spend some time there with the cold salt sea air and the plaintive cry of the gulls for company.

I have this morning spent some time with Grace and Henry who are growing up so fast.  Grace went to the Football with Papa Ray yesterday and seemed to enjoy it very much - (although she did tell me quietly it was a bit boring).  The children have grown in the weeks since I saw them last and they are keeping their parents on their toes.  Fortunately they travel well as they are in the car such a lot traveling to and from Adelaide.

I was able to witness some papers for Melinda and to share sweet buns from Baker's Delight with them all.  It is lovely from time to time to step back from adulthood and to see the world through the eyes of a child and find joy in the most basic of things.   Colouring books and pencils, construction sets and Lego and of course soft fluffy toys 

On this Mother's Day I think about you all - those of you who are Mothers,
Expectant Mothers, those who miss their Mother and those for whom this day is difficult.   My particular thoughts are with Donor Mothers whose loved one's gift has enabled people like me to spend time as a Mother to my daughters.
Mother's Day could well have been very different for my girls, thankfully an unselfish act of kindness means they have their Mother with them still.

Some of you are celebrating Mother's Day as a first time Grandmother and I hope the new arrival in your family brings all the joy in the world to you.

I drove past a flower stand and they were very busy and as I passed The Cheesecake Shop they were doing a roaring trade as people collected cakes for luncheon celebrations.

My family celebrations will take place next weekend but I have spoken with both of my daughters and I understand that life gets busy at times for everyone and commitments with partner's family make all getting together at the same time difficult.   At times it is a bigger production that Ben-Hur.

I don't need a special day to celebrate - I have so much to celebrate each and every day.  

I celebrate life and love,
family and so many other wonderful things.

Thinking of you all as you move through your Sunday and wishing you calm and peaceful thoughts.

Love and hugs,

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Joseph said...

Happy Mother's Day darling!