Monday, May 14, 2012


Welcome to Monday in my little corner of the world and again we have grey skies and cool winds but memories can keep us warm.

Nice things that happen can keep us warm too - lovely late night conversations over many miles, video chats that transport us to the other side of the world, exchanged emails, letters in the mail and memories of days gone by.

 The warmth of memories comes from inside and adds joy to our days ~ those times when we see someone when we are out and we are reminded of those we have loved and lost.    The times when a piece of music transports us back to another time and another place ~ a time long ago and yet still so fresh in memory.

A fragrance on the breeze of a perfume or flower, newly cut grass, freshly ground coffee and the smell of rain on warm earth ~ and of course the smell of bread baking in a warm oven.

Memories not only come from the past but we are constantly making them as we go from day to day - not only for ourselves but for our children, our relatives and our dear and trusted friends.

What sort of memories are you making ?  Will they remember your laugh, your sense of humour, the silly things you used to say and do.  Will your care and compassion be part of the memory bank of your loved ones?  Will you be remembered for that special dish that was your "signature tune" - the one you always made and the one they ask for?   My elder daughter will often ask me to make macaroni cheese because it holds good memories for her.

Is there a flower that you love that when those who know you well see it they will think of you ?  Is there a special place where you have spent time together that always brings the memories rushing back.

I know that life also has some not so good memories of painful times and that we have to try to keep them in the past where they belong - remember them, learn from them but don't carry them with you into future happy days.  Don't let them spoil your present days and your future times - leave them alone.

There are days and weeks of my illness I have no memory of and while I would like to know exactly what happened, I just have to learn to accept that those days are gone from me and to let go of them.

Illness and pain do strange things to people and behaviour reactions are often far from normal and we have to be caring and compassionate., but illness and pain are no excuse for bad behaviour and by bowing to this bad behaviour we are condoning it and it will not improve.  Be patient and kind but don't let the bad behaviour of others rob you of your beautiful days and life.

Are you going to make some sweet memories today ?   Make a phone call, write a letter, pick some flowers, send an email and those things will live in the memory of the recipient for a very long time.   The fact that someone took the time to step out and show care will be a wonderful memory.

I hope that there are lovely memories in the making for you today and that the old ones from the past keep you warm and comfort you.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a heart that is filled with lovely memories of letters, calls and days gone by.


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