Tuesday, June 26, 2012


My destiny calls and I go, 
And the wild winds of fortune 
Will carry me onward, 
Oh whithersoever they blow. 
Whithersoever they blow, 
Onward to glory I go!.


Welcome to my third blog post for Tuesday - this has come about because I have much in my heart and mind that I want to share - lots of musings from my heart.

I have always loved this music but it has been refreshed for me in recent months as a gift of music and has become more meaningful to me.

Don Quixote, The Lord of La Mancha sings this song and the words have become alive as I watch someone listening to destiny call and for whom the wild winds of fortune are blowing.

This beautiful soul has risen to a rather daunting challenge with such good grace and I am humbled in the face of such acceptance and courage.  I am proud of the dignity that has been maintained for all concerned and because others can't find it in their heart to say Thank you - I take this opportunity to express my thanks that there are such beautiful souls who grace our world.
My life is richer, sweeter and more beautiful.   

Are you hearing your destiny call and are you prepared to accept the call and challenge, putting aside your own personal needs to help and care for another human being?

Sometimes we have to push aside the barriers in our lives that would hold us back and it isn't always easy, and sometimes the destiny we are called to is not what we would have imagined.   Love and compassion and the desire to maintain dignity for another human being brings acceptance of the call.

Listen to the winds that blow and hear destiny call your name and be ready to answer the call - overcome the difficulties and let your little light shine.

On this Ruby Tuesday our world is brighter and sparkles a little more because of the kindness and humility of people such as this precious soul.

Thanks for visiting the musings of this very busy and very full heart which beats to the drum of compassion and care.

Love and hugs,

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