Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Allow me to introduce you to the "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda Sisters" ~ many of you will have already met them somewhere in your life.   For some of you they will be regular guests in your home and life

They are a nasty trio who serve to undermine our sense of self esteem and our confidence.

I no longer run and play with The Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda Sisters and I cut them no slack ~ they are not welcome at all.

These of course are the thoughts we have about the things we "would have done", "Should have done" and "could have done" and they have been in my thoughts a lot over the last few days as I watch from afar a set of circumstances over which I have no control.   The people involved in this do have control and for them there will be no 'Would have, Should have or Could have" they are doing everything within their power to ensure that they are not left with any regrets.

There are others who will be left with regrets and with whom this trio will move in eventually when it is too late to do anything about this.

Don't leave space in your heart or your home for these three ~ make the phone call, make the visit, sit quietly with someone write the letter, do some shopping, pick flowers and bring them, play music, hold the hand of someone who is afraid and there will be no place for regrets in your life if you do these things. 

It is very easy to say "Tomorrow I will do that" but there is no promise of tomorrow ~ if your heart moves you to do something - do it and leave no room for regret.  Don't be left saying "I would have"  "I should have" or "I could have" or you will find that it eats away at your very being.

Do the things for you that you have been putting off - take a cooking class,
go dancing, walk at the beach, sit beside the river, plant bulbs or flowers and nurture them, read a book to a child, write a letter to a child and rejoice when an answer comes written in a beautiful childish hand.   Bake cookies with a child, listen to their story of how they see things.   Encourage others to do the things they have neglected and rejoice with them.

I am taking special delight in a garden on the other side of the world that has been neglected because of ill health and is now restored to it's glory, where the growth is lush and the fragrance sweet and joy is to be found in raindrops on roses and daisies in abundance.

In my own garden I am watching the emerging of the new growth on daffodil bulbs and each time it is cold and rainy - it is "daffodil" weather and I smile that somewhere in the dark cold earth hope is being born.

I have learned so much in the last three years about the value of life and time   and doing things so that there are no regrets.   When my turn comes to "shuffle off this mortal coil" I know that those I love will know that I loved them, because I have told them so.

Think about your lives my friends and make any changes that will evict the Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda Sisters from your heart and home.

I refuse to play with the Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda Sisters ~ my life is too full of other things.  I live each day with a thankful heart, turn my face to the sun so that the shadows are behind me and I live in possibility.
Don't visit me in my past - I don't live there anymore. 

Thanks for calling by and I send my love and care to you all.

Love and hugs,

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