Friday, June 29, 2012


I love mornings ~ I love each new day and although as I write it is night time and I will be off to my bed very soon, I think of those for whom morning is just arriving.

My thoughts are with many and varied people - those who are parents and getting children up and out of bed, on the school bus and all that morning routine - those for whom the schedule is changed because they have a sick child and they have to arrange a sitter.

I think of those just finishing a night shift at work - police/fire/ambulance and nursing staff ~ those who have to turn day into night and get some sleep.

Those for whom the day is uncertain in what it holds, those anticipating a difficult time or event to go through ~ those facing hospital or surgery and those who are recovering and finding it all a struggle.

Those with illness who face another long day without much relief from their pain and those who have welcomed a new baby through the night whose hearts are full of love and wonder at this new life.

Each day for me starts a new adventure in my life - a day when I can lift my heart in thanks for my life and try to find wonder everywhere in my world.
Each day that comes to me on the wings of the morning and reminds me of how blessed I am.

I love the dewdrops on the grass, the pink beams of sunlight, the birds first song, the lovely hot shower and the easing into the day - and of course that lovely pungent smelling first coffee of the day.

My thoughts turn to those for whom this day will bring another day of struggle with pain and the agony of a disease for which there is no cure, only pain relief which at times seems not to work.  My thoughts are with those who love and care for these folk and whose hearts are breaking as they wait for their loved one to take the wings of the morning. 

May the wings of the morning bring you all your hearts desire and with it a peace of heart and mind.

When I was in hospital my room faced east and each morning I would watch the dawn break and the sun rise and promise myself that I would be thankful for each new morning.

As my day comes to an end I look forward to taking the wings of the morning and being safe and secure.

Thank you for visiting the musings of my heart and I wish you all the joys of a new morning wherever you are and whenever it arrives for you.

Love and hugs,

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Anonymous said...

I like to thank you for your beautiful blog here.I've many times come into read it,to get encouragement.My mom had a cancerous chordoma,due to that three brain surgeries.It's left her weaken and not capable of taking care of self anymore.I cant say it's been a easy road, my mom being so sick and taking care of her.I love her so dear, it comes natural, to be there for people we love so much.I thank you for your blog, it's been very uplifting, in times I really felt alone in taking care of my mom.So,thank you.