Saturday, June 30, 2012


Welcome to Saturday morning in a cold city of Adelaide and it looks as though we are going to get the full force of winter today with some sunshine, rain, wind, hail and thunder and lightening ~ a real winter day when it is nice to be inside and warm and to watch Mother Nature turn on her performance for us.

I have soup on heating for lunch and nice homemade soup with crusty bread always is comforting on cold winter days.  These comfort foods stir memories of earlier times - I mentioned to a friend that I had cooked beef and barley soup and his comment was "I love beef and barley soup - it reminds me of my Mother."   Kitchen smells and food smells are very evocative of memory and we are often transported to another time and place.

Smells generally evoke memories and I can recall standing behind a gentleman in the Pharmacy who wore the same after shave cologne that my late Father used and I almost wanted to follow him to just to enjoy the fragrance.

Soups, warmth and quiet are all peaceful and comforting and I have been comforted in the last few hours by words from people - one I have met and one I don't really know who she is.

"Jen" left a comment on my blog post about how she often returns here to read my postings and that, as she cares for a very sick Mother, she finds comfort here.    Thank you Jen for your lovely words they mean a great deal to me.

This blog started off as a way of keeping in touch with family and friends as to how I was going in the days post transplant but it has grown and blossomed into something much more.   It has become a baring of my soul and a sharing of the "musings from my heart" and I take delight in posting here and sharing the tender and often deep thoughts of my heart.  It is a place for honesty and trust and I am happy to have visitors like Jen who find comfort here.  I have visitors from all over the world and at times it blows my mind that the thoughts of a simple girl from Adelaide reach homes and hearts globally.

The second joy for me was an email from the sweetest of souls - someone who nursed me when I was so very ill, expressing love and care and telling me I am an inspiration and that she too hopes to "dance in the rain" soon too.

Simple and sincere words ~ much appreciated and cherished ~ thank you Carol.

Have you ever noticed that things we do become clear after we have done them - I changed my telephone/internet and Mobile phone plan just over a month ago - and it has been so good because a situation has arisen where someone I love is struggling and I can now without worrying about cost, message, call etc.  That's provision I believe and I am thankful for it.  All part of a lovely plan.  

This is late Saturday morning and it is quiet here - I am a bit like Maccauley Culkin and "Home Alone" and I am listening to the wind blow, and able to look at the clouds being blown around in the sky and I am at peace with my world.
There are difficulties for some and untold joys for others.  Relaxation for some  and frenetic times for others, but for me on this day there is "the bliss of solitude."

I have talked with my elder daughter, sent some text messages and some emails, spoken on the phone to friends and now it is just the afternoon and me.  I shall have lunch and then perhaps I better do some "Domestic Goddess chores, such as dishes and tidying up, but then I will return here to my desk and hopefully achieve much with writing ~ I have letters to do and cards to write and some emails to send and I have some thoughts needing to be given space to roam and form into some poetry.

So there you have the musings from my heart on this Saturday which ends the first half of the year - it is hard to imagine that we are half way through 2012 ~ seems only weeks ago that I was surrounded by Christmas things and in the middle of a severe case of "tinselitis"  - don't worry it never really goes away "tinselitis" is always there in the background and I am pleased to be part of a Christmas in July "Secret Santa" gift exchange.  This gives me cause to get out shopping and mail my secret gift to my recipient.  This is part of an on line Christmas Group I belong to - where everyone in varying degrees suffers from "tinselitis" and there is Christmas joy on most days of the year.

I have my Christmas plans well in hand - colours chosen, some gifts purchased in the colour scheme of red and gold - more traditional this year,  Cream coloured tablecloths and much red and gold.  I used a gift I had purchased for Christmas as a birthday gift recently which gives me a chance to find something new and equally exciting.  I try to be true to the Dicken's quote:

“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”

I am currently cooking a very big pot of pea and ham soup and using the bones from the Christmas ham which have been in the freezer - my own little tradition to Christmas in July.( well almost July ) 

Thank you for visiting the musings of this pensive heart - your visits are appreciated and I send love and care out to you all for good health, happiness and peace in your hearts.

Love and hugs,

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