Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Welcome to Wednesday afternoon in Adelaide where the sun is shining but the wind is cold.   We had a rainy morning and for a while it looked as though the rain had set in for the day.

So in my little corner of the world the sky is blue, the sun is shining and all seems to be well after a busy day yesterday.

Yesterday was the training session with Donate Life Australia and it was a very good function - lots of great speakers and much to learn about solid organ transplants and corneal transplants.   The company was good, the venue excellent, food lovely and the best coffee I have had in a long long time.

The following pictures were taken from the Roof Top Garden of the Majestic Hotel here in Adelaide, where the scenery was lovely but the wind very cold.

The Group was varied and each one had a special story to tell of their journey ~ I was in the company of other recipients and several members of Donor families.  Each one of us wanting to do something to in part spread awareness and education for Organ and Tissue donation.   I caught up again with the lovely Donor Mum I met in February and shared many other stories too.

I felt yesterday I was in the company of friends and was able to be myself and to count my blessings and there is lots of rain to dance in and I often sing silly songs.

I came home in the bus and that was an awful experience - I swear the driver thought he was taking part in a Demolition Derby ~ a very rough ride and many elderly folk were very unsteady on their feet and rather scared. I know they have a schedule to keep but please think about the safety and comfort of the passengers - it was hold on for dear life.  It crossed my mind that here I was coming home from a Donate Life meeting and I was in fear of losing my life on a bus home.  

I notice that our American friends are having it very hot again - and I hope they can find a cool spot and have a long icy drink and keep out of the extreme sun.  Here they are peeling off and I am adding more layers to keep warm - we need a big mixing pot to mix all the weather conditions up so that we can all have something more moderate and temperate.

Wherever you are in our beautiful crazy world and no matter if you are working or at home or travelling ~ I wish you a safe day/evening, I wish you shelter from the sun/rain, green traffic lights, nice coffee that you didn't have to make yourself, beautiful music that stirs your soul, the company of someone you love and the sweet sweet joys of friendship.  I wish you the good company of family or work colleagues or if you need I wish you the "bliss of solitude".

Take care as you move around in our world ~ shoot for the moon, celebrate love and life, play fair and I hope that you can jump for joy.

Thank you for calling by to visit the musings of my heart - a heart that is happy to be itself and wish you the joy and freedom to be yourself.   To take on the challenges of what life brings your way   ~ live every day and always be present to each moment.

Love and hugs,

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