Friday, July 20, 2012


Welcome to Friday evening in Australia and a day that started off with steel grey sky and heavy mist ended up being quite sunny and pleasant.It was a busy day for me and only served to prove to me that I can't take these in and out of the car all day days.  I did achieve my goals and got all the things done I needed to.

I did my shopping early and on the way back to the car the most delightful little girl skipped along holding her Mother's hand - when her Mother asked her why she was doing it - she replied with a very big smile "Because I can.
This got me to thinking of the things we do just because we can.  The things we don't have to do, the things where there is no compulsion ~ it is done with just pure joy and spontaneity.  She then turned to her Mother and said "Mummy I love you' - it was nice to witness the pure joy of a child.   A lovely little person with no worries in the world who just gave in to the joy of the moment.   

How special it is to be part of this - to do it ourselves - to just race down the stairs with someone, to splash in puddles with someone - all for just the pure joy of living and because we can.   It is very special to be able to tell someone "I love you" for no other reason than you do love them.   That they bring you joy and happiness and you want them to know that you care and are there for them.

Every one of us has a story to tell and is affected by the things that happen in our lives - we grieve, we are in pain, and we get very tired and it is not only in the sunshine that we need to feel loved, we need to feel the warmth of love and friendship under steel grey skies, when the thunder roars and storms gather.

Sometimes we get to the stage where we struggle with our jobs and commitments and it is then we need to rest, restore and recover. Those who love us will wrap us in a blanket of love and patiently wait for us to heal and we will in due time.

Music and laughter will return and we will again see beauty in our world for it is, after all a very beautiful world.   I have seen beauty in my world this week in the bud on a very early daffodil in my garden. the view from a rooftop garden in the City, the sight of our beautiful Adelaide Hills, shafts of sunlight between tall big city buildings.   I saw beauty today in the little girl at the shopping centre  - sweetly dressed in purple with little black boots and feet that could not help skipping along.   I enjoyed her free expression without any shyness - she was living her life and loving it.   Lessons to be learned there - don't worry I probably will not skip through the shopping centre car park but I most certainly will splash in puddles and kick through autumn leaves, roll up my pants and walk knee deep in the water at the beach, squish the sand between my toes and squeal when a big wave comes and makes me wet.

I will read stories to little children, growl like a bear and roar like a lion 

I count my blessings each day - and remember with respect those days when I COULDN'T do so many things that have returned to be part of my life.  I can shop, I walk by the river, by the ocean, cook meals and celebrate with family.
I can stay up later at night without being a wreck the next day and I can celebrate life by talking with a friend on the other side of the world ` BECAUSE I CAN.

I enjoy writing letters and sending cards and making telephone calls - again BECAUSE I CAN. 
I can drive friends to medical appointments (a complete reversal of how things were for me) and I can share love and laughter with those I love.  

I can write at will, blog whenever I wish, make those phone calls to encourage those who are under par who will come back and will shine again ~ those who have been damaged by the hand that life has dealt and the viscous nature of some very hurtful people.

I can encourage those who are worried and be there for them no matter what and I will be and we will celebrate life again when the clouds blow away and the sun shines again,

Tomorrow is a beading class for me and I do it 

Thank you for visiting the musings of a very pensive heart - one that will rejoice again soon and one for whom the melancholia will lift and the music will play again.

Love and hugs,

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