Sunday, July 22, 2012


Welcome to Sunday evening in my little corner of the world and I can't believe it is Sunday evening already.   Where has the weekend gone ?  I have had a busy few days and been tired today.  I guess getting out of bed a little later makes for a shorter morning.

Alexis and Naomi called in to share with John and I the news of their forthcoming overseas holiday in October, which they booked yesterday and are very excited about.  I love to see them so filled with their ideas and dreams and find it is lovely to see them putting their dreams into reality.  2012 will have been a big year for my kids and I am delighted to be here to see them bloom.

Later I did a browse around a local shop and bought lots of bits and pieces, cards and a few little things for CHRISTMAS - now that's scary isn't it?  155
days to go and I shall enjoy every one of them.

What is echoing in your world - are you experiencing good things like those you have put out there.  There are so many things and circumstances that affect our lives - we may be doing very well in our own lives, but the circumstances immediately around us can be daunting and often impact on our energy and attitude to life.   Deep down inside all is well with us, but living with sadness, illness and sour tempers can drag us down and leave us leaving less than up to par.

Some people can be very nasty and difficult and make life miserable for others - even those who are part of a family network and I often wonder why these things happen - is it because they are not the centre of attention, or is it the nature of the beasts, a guilty conscience or jealousy.     Only they know why they behave thus and there is very little we can do about their behaviour - they are responsible to that and it is up to them to make the changes and face the consequences of their actions.

We are responsible for our actions and the consequences of them and life is like an echo what you send out does indeed come back.   Give out kindness and kindness will come back to you.   Laughter is something that comes back often - be happy, be kind, be caring, be gently and see what pleasures and riches are yours.  Share the joy that lives in your heart and feel the warmth of love and friendship.   Make the phone call, send the text message, the email, the card or the letter and surprise someone.  

Taking care of others is very important, but it is also very important to take care of ourselves so that we can send out positive echoes.

I had dinner out with friends last night after a full day beading class and by the time bedtime came I was exhausted and almost crying tired ~ it was a lovely feeling to snuggle down in my warm bed and just not move and to feel the lovely waves of sleep drift over me.   The concentration at the class is very tiring and I had a mistake with the colour of the main bead and was disappointed with the overall effect, so it has been pulled apart and a much lighter champagne colour bead will be purchased to replace the brassy gold which I just couldn't deal with.  The gold colour was just too "brassy" for me. Lesson learned - go for something lighter  ~ I am sure when I get the right beads it will look much better.  I will post a picture when I do get it finished.

We are now at the start of another working week and I hold you all in my heart and thoughts as you face the winding down of your weekend and wish you courage and strength for your week.  If you are off to the Office to deal with a pressure job and difficult people ~ try putting out some positive thoughts and I hope they come back to you.

If you are a parent getting children off to school, or dealing with school holidays - I hope that you can enjoy the nice thoughts that come back from the kids - they can be difficult.

Several of my friends have a young family member leaving home for the first time to make their way in the world, hugs for you - it is a bitter/sweet time - we miss them but are happy that they are making their way.   Be confident that they will be fine - that you have given them roots to ground them and wings that they can fly.

Wherever you are and whoever you have to deal with, please be sure to take care of yourself, nourish and nurture yourself and know that you are doing a great job and are much appreciated.

Thank you for visiting the musings of my heart ~ a heart that cares and supports you as you journey on ~ remember the "Joy is in the Journey".

Love and hugs,

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