Saturday, July 7, 2012


Welcome to Saturday in my little corner of the world where Mother Nature has turned on a beautiful day for us after an almost freezing start - the sun is shining and the sky is blue and a gentle wind is blowing.   A perfect day for Saturday and Saturday weddings and outdoor functions - all in all a perfect day.

The sky is blue and the sun shining but it is still very cold - a lovely white frost on my grass this morning and I took the opportunity again to walk barefoot through the frost as I am want to do.

There is within me a pure delight in the calm that follows storms - whether they are the physical storms where the wind blows and the rain falls or whether they are the emotional storms that leave us damaged and tossed about.

My heart reaches out to American friends who are struggling in areas where the weather is fierce, heat, storms, rain and wind - and lots of damage.

To those for whom these last few weeks have been a turmoil of emotion and pain and for whom the eye of the storm has passed - I reach out with love and care and rejoice with you that the fiercest part of the storm is passed and  that now you can rest, restore and recover.  May you look back on these days and be proud of the courage you showed and the support you gave to others whose pain was acute.

After the damage of the storms there is much to be done with recovery and restoration and for those things the time is now - with rest and relaxation.
Take all the time you need to rest, spend time with those you love and enjoy the beautiful world we live in.

I spent a lovely evening with family - I did beading and they watched a crazy movie, but we were together and that's what counted.  We had lots of comfort foods - soups, casseroles, lovely bread and the most delicious chocolate pudding - it was a nice evening, but a late night which has left me a little weary today.

Life is strange - we think things are going along well and then out of the blue something crops up that makes us feel fragile and vulnerable again.  Unwittingly I had a drink last night that contained grapefruit juice and have had a reaction to something today - so I am assuming it is the grapefruit   I have had the itches that I used to get pre-transplant and have had a call in to the support team and spoken with the lovely Adele - who wants me to watch this and if it gets worse/doesn't clear to go into Emergency and have someone look at it.  She is getting in touch with me on Monday to see how things are.
I give thanks for the wonderful team and incredible medical care I have at my disposal - two minutes between the phone call to have the team paged and Adele called ~ I have so much to be thankful for.

I am richly blessed in so many ways - a precious friend who made me promise to call the team, and a team of caring people who care for me - and the knowledge and assurance that "there is no such thing as a silly question" leaves me with a great security.  Not only does the sun shine in my world - it shines in my heart too.

The morning has gone very quickly for me with lunchtime arriving before I could blink - going to get some chicken soup and my book and sit outside in the warmth of this winter Saturday and be thankful for all the blessings in my life.

I hope that when Saturday arrives for you that you are able to enjoy the weather, the company and all the lovely things that are ours in our beautiful world.  If you are fragile and damaged from the storms of your life, I hope that you can heal and that the love of friends and family will buoy you along as you struggle with your little boat in rough seas.

My love and care goes out to you all from the musings of a very thankful heart.

Love and hugs, 

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