Sunday, July 8, 2012


Good Afternoon on Sunday for me and Good Morning to my Northern Hemisphere friends for whom morning is just arriving ~ Sunday has been a calm and quiet day and I hand it over to you in the hope that it can be that for you too.

The image above makes me think of those for whom summer holidays are happening right now ~ days filled with family and friends, barbecues, strolls on the shore, ice creams and hot hot weather.    Splashes in the pool and long cold icy drinks in the shade.

I hope that if it is summer for you that you are able to enjoy all of the summer things that bring joy to you.   My summer pleasures are sand between my toes, strolling leisurely through the water and a good book in the shade and of course ice cream (but I like ice cream in winter time too.  My Mother in Law always maintained that it was never too hot for a cup of tea nor was it ever too cold for ice cream and I think with the ice cream, she was exactly right.

It's been a very quiet day for me but I did have a little visitor this morning - Henry and his Dad called in and life through the eyes of a four year old is very interesting ~ this bright eyed little boy brought laughter in his short visit.
The family have now returned to the farm, taking Papa Ray with them for a weeks holiday.   It is School Holidays so he will be able to spend much time with Grace and Henry and I am sure all three will enjoy it.  Papa is very good helping around the farm so it will be a good week all round.  It is cold at Jamestown so he will certainly feel that.  It will be a week of bedtime stories and nonsense times which are wonderful with little children.

My experience yesterday with rash and itches has completely cleared up thankfully - but was enough to make me aware of the rules I must follow and how easily things can go wrong.   I am fine again and have my electric blanket turned on ready for bedtime with my book.

Looking at the chairs in this image I have no doubt which one I would choose, and I am certain you can guess that too.  What colour would you choose ?  do you have a favourite or a definite non-favourite.  Looking at it I can imagine which colours my girls would choose - Rebecca the green and Naomi the blue and the yellow would be a firm favourite with Melinda.  Alexis would like the orange one and I would imagine during the course of a morning/afternoon there would be many changes with who was sitting where.  Bring your own chair and come and sit with us with shady umbrellas and let's enjoy good conversation and laughter and picnic foods at the beach ~ the more the merrier.

It is nice to dream of other days because as I write I am rugged up snug and warm in a winter jacket and have a lovely heated rug around me - snug and warm and safe.   It is nice to dream of days when the sun will shine again and the winds will be warm and the sounds of summer will be with us.

For those who holiday at this time of year ~ I hope that the warm days give you a chance to unwind, to rest and restore before heading back into the work routine.  Staying in bed late, eating outside, and warm mellow nights when the stars seem to shine much brighter and the ice cream tastes much better.

My love and thoughts are with you wherever you are in our beautiful world ~ if the day is drawing to a close for you I wish you a sweet and peaceful sleep and if the sun is just peeping through in your little corner of the world I wish you a beautiful, calm and happy day.

Thank you for visiting the musings of my heart - a heart that is pensive and dreaming of other days.

Love and hugs,

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I will have the purple one RellaB