Monday, July 9, 2012


Well, here it is at Monday
Another week has passed
For those with troubled times
I hope it's easier than the last.

The weather here is cold and bleak
The sky is pewter grey
An inside quiet time
And that's what I have done all day.

The promise of rain is with us
And I really shouldn't complain,
Our reservoirs are very low
And we really need the rain.

Joyous news of a friend's son
A lovely diamond ring,
Shining eyes and laughter
And hearts that really can sing.

Special family times and laughter
The promise of days ahead,
Looking at a grown up child
And seeing the man instead.

Life for me is very sweet
Phone calls from my team,
Great relief from everyone
That things were not what they seem.

My fingers have clicked and danced
Over my keyboard today
And many the thoughts that I have penned
And the joy that's come my way.

I talked on the phone 
And balanced my bank account,
Paid some bills on line
With just the right amount.

I think of my friends in summer
With the heat, humidity and such,
I really don't envy them their weather,
I don't like it very much,

As I come to the end of my day
And evening is drawing nigh
I think of those who sleep
Beneath a velvet sky.

I wish you sweet and peaceful sleep
And a gentle healing rest,
Be strong and take good courage
For when you are put to the test.

If you are on holidays my friend
I wish you restful hours,
Some time reading and sleeping
Some time to smell the flowers.

My heart is full of many things
Laughter, love and peace,
I wish you all of these things
And days of sweet release.

Thank you for calling by 
To read the Musings from my Heart,
It is special to me that you visit
And take some time set apart.

Love and hugs,

© Linda J. Vaughan

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Diane said...

Thanks for sharing Linda beautiful as always.