Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Good Evening - welcome to a cold evening on Ruby Tuesday - today has been sunny but chilly and another quiet day for me - it is rather like being on holiday really.  I have done bits and pieces and spent a few hours this afternoon doing some beading.  I have stayed warm and listened to some lovely music and enjoyed the "bliss of solitude".

My mail brought me lovely things today - a package I had forgotten I had ordered arrived and that was a pleasant surprise and also a parcel of beads which I ordered on Sunday.  Express post is wonderful these beading items would have been ordered Sunday, packaged and mailed on Monday and were with me on Tuesday.

I have been thinking a lot recently about friends and family and those who are shy and who will not promote themselves and those who excel in their particular field and yet who lurk in shadows rather than shining.   Dare to be different - dare to be outstanding- march to the beat of your own drum and remember to shine.

We each have lots to offer and there is no-one quite like you - you are unique and very special and no doubt loved a great deal.   Let your little light shine.
Smiles can encourage another, cheer someone and offer support.
Sometimes people who live alone only see other people at a shopping centre so your smile can be very important - it may well be the only contact they have with another person during their day.

Letters are very important to me as are phone calls, emails and I am a great fan of all this technology - it fascinates me that friends on the other side of the world can video their stroll at the beach and send it to me and within minutes I am there on their beach - I hear the sounds of sea birds, the crunch of sand under their feet and in almost real time I can share their delights.  Photographs and video messages are wonderful and in the same way I am able to share my life the things that are happening for me - the growth of bulbs in my garden etc.    

Though many miles separate families and loved ones - we can be there in a few moments - I was able to share engagement news of a wonderful young couple and a picture of the beautiful ring was flashed to me half a world away in very short time.  It is delightful to talk on camera with friends and laugh and enjoy seeing bright shiny eyes and smiles.  I really am a fan of this technology.

I love books and paper - I love the smell of books, the texture of the paper and the lovely covers but I am seriously thinking of a Kindle - an electronic reader with the facility of being able to download many books - such an interesting concept ~  I will keep you posted as I do my research and talk to my friends who have already made the transition to and EBook ~ I am sure there are those who do have Kindle who also still read paper books.

I am glad to read that the weather in USA is somewhat cooler and that there is relief for so many - some are still without electricity after 12 days and it must be very difficult for them.

Enjoy your day and if you are on holidays be sure to get some relaxation in, walks on the beach, ice cream, some reading done ~ if like me you are in the Southern hemisphere I hope that you get a good night's sleep as you snuggle up in your warm bed.

Thank you for calling by the read the musings of my heart - today a heart that has been pensive and calm.

Love and hugs,

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Joseph said...

Great musings! YES. Dare to be different! Love ya. Joseph