Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Welcome to Wednesday and I hope that you remember your childhood with affection and good memories ~ remember that feeling on the swing when flew higher and higher and did you ever jump off when the swing went forward and thus rush to get away from the returning empty swing ?  

I watched some children playing in a park today and thought how different their playground are to the ones I knew as a child.   I couldn't take a photograph or would have been in trouble and could have been accused of all sorts of dreadful things.    

The playgrounds I remember were very basic with plain and simple swings and slides, and metal monkey bars to swing from and many happy hours were spent there.  The playgrounds of today are much more complex with all sorts of brightly coloured and curly metal features.

I wonder if the children of today have as much fun as I did on the swings and roundabouts their landing places seem to be cushioned more than when I took many tumbles.

Play is very important in the life of a child and I believe also in the life of an adult and we should strive not to lose our sense of wonder and play.
It is wonderful to have that special someone with whom we can be so completely ourselves and be silly with.

Silliness is good - very good.  !!

The sound of laughter is wonderful ~ the first baby giggles and then the older tittering laughter which grows and develops into a certain style - high pitched or a deep belly laugh.  

Laughing so much that tears just run down your face, your tummy hurts and you make a hasty dash to the bathroom - all part of the fun of being friends or part of a family.    There are things that although they happened years ago,  still bring laughter to my family,  The silly things we said and did.

The things the now grown up ones did as children and who blush and get embarrassed when we parents recall them at family functions.

There are times for tears and they are very healing and times weeping with someone are very special times, but just as healing are the times when laughter rings through our hearts and home and we revisit those times.

For you may there be those healing tears cried with someone you love and just as precious for you may there be those times of laughter, those silly, funny,quirky time that are cherished in our memory.

Let laughter ring out in your heart and may it bring joy to others and thank you for visiting the musings of this happy heart.

Love and hugs,

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