Thursday, July 12, 2012


Good evening and welcome to my world where another chilly evening has drawn in and there has been rain in the last half hour, but parts of Adelaide have been deluged and there has been flooding in the Hills.   Wet weather causes all sorts of problems on our roads and Highways and Highway Number One is closed currently due to a major vehicular accident.  

Life is indeed a mixture of sunshine and rain ~ both literally and emotionally too.  Today is a day of memories for me  ~ it is ten years today since a very closed friend died very suddenly and I have trouble realizing that ten years have passed since that day which was an ordinary winter Friday until the phone call and then life was changed for ever for me, my family and people I cherish.  It was good to revisit that day and think of times we spend together and the things we did and places we went and there was laughter and a few tears.

There were dark days for a while, but the sun did shine again and life for me went on and my life, although changed is very beautiful.

I am blessed with the love of family and friends and a great respect for my own daughters who handled this experience in their lives with very good grace ~ indeed my younger daughter was beautifully gracious in her comments.

Today I was blessed to have a long and lovely conversation on video camera with a wonderful friend who was able to lovingly and bring me back from the shadows and back into the sunshine ~ I cherish these times.  There was laughter and a sharing of how days have been spent, music in the park and meals out at very special restaurants.  A sharing of special things bought while out shopping on a holiday Wednesday.

Winter is well and truly in full swing here but there are signs of spring with more growth of my daffodils and each day finds me out checking on them, and then talking to those I find peeping through - in one area I have one putting a head through (it must the the Scout checking out things.) 

My sleep last night was very poor and so there may well be an early night for me tonight and hopefully sleep will be sweet and peaceful. I have taken the day very quietly - sorted some beads and got things ready for my next class which is in a few weeks ~ I am quite convinced I am like a squirrel gathering beads and storing them and I do enjoy looking at them ~ their colour, texture, size and shape.  Happily I have sorted clasps, crimps, jump rings etc. into what is really meant for tablet storage. 

This will work with small amounts of findings for use and transport to classes and will store and pack well too.

I use one of these for my medication daily so it surprises me that I didn't think of this use for my beading supplies before - but it is working well and I am pleased.

If you, like my friend are enjoying a summer holiday I hope that you are able to get some rest, do some chores or just plain enjoy yourself in the warmth (at least the heat is not quite so intense as it has been.

Today is also the fiftieth anniversary of "The Rolling Stones" - now where has that time gone ?  They are still going strong and still enjoyed by very many people.
If, like me you are in your winter - stay warm and cosy and keep away from storms and lightening.  I have felt the cold more this winter than ever before, but I still am not a summer girl ~ how wonderful it would be if we could mix the heat and the cold and end up with a lovely temperate climate for us all.  Perchance to dream.

I have pressed my slow cooker into service again today with preparations for another pot of soup - I love the comfort foods of winter ~ John and I had dinner at "The Pub" last night - very nice ~ grilled Baramundi for John and Chicken for me with prawns and garlic sauce.  It was quiet, food good and staff lovely and we were home again very quickly.

So there you have it - the musings of my heart - a tender and pensive heart today, but a heart that knows for certain how blessed I am to live and love and take joy in my "gifted" life.

Thanks for calling by to visit - I love to see who calls by and read the comments you leave for me. 

Take today and make some memories with those you love - laugh and have fun, spend time together, listen to the music of your soul and live your life in the sunshine - turn your face to the sun and the shadows will be behind you.
Enjoy the lovely mixture that life presents to you.

Love and hugs,

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