Friday, July 13, 2012


Welcome to Friday evening in Australia - early Friday morning in the northern hemisphere and winter continues to be with us with rain and silver grey skies.
I have had a very quiet week which has been lovely with lots of phone calls and messages, photographs and thoughts of happy times.

I have been anxiously watching my daffodils and taking note of their growth and each day I seem to find another bursting through the ground.

Here are a couple of photographs of different bulbs at different stages - I am really loving watching them, but have to remind myself that all in good time they will burst forth and finally bloom.  There is a time for every purpose and no matter how anxiously I watch them, they will emerge in their own good time.

The first tiny sign of life

This one is more advanced

I am certain my neighbours think I am crazy - I was standing out in the rain taking these photographs and talking to the plants telling them how well they are doing and that they are beautiful.

Interesting thoughts on time from Eleanor Roosevelt
The Meaning of Time

To understand the meaning of one year
Ask a student who was failed his exam
To understand the meaning of one month
Ask a mother who was given birth to a premature baby
To understand the meaning of one week
Ask an editor of weekly magazine
To understand the meaning of one day
Ask a daily wage laborer
To understand the meaning of one hour
Ask a girl who was waiting for her boy
To understand the meaning of one minute
Ask a person who has missed the train
To understand the meaning of one second
Ask a person who has survived an accident
To understand the meaning of one milli-second
Ask a sprinter who has won a silver medal in the

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift; that's why they call it the present

Eleanor Roosevelt

I have watched with interest as some people handle time - there are those who can't sit still and have to be doing something all the time and those who are happy just to "be" and there are those who push themselves and work very hard and others who just don't seem to want to work at all.  
Some people need time to settle into a holiday as it is just too hard for them to unwind.

Time can hang heavy on our hands and yet fly by so quickly - we use the phrase that "it has been a long day" - which is rather silly because all days are the same length, but some seem so much longer than others and yet other days just go by so quickly.

At the end of the day how you feel about how you have spent your time and your comfort with your actions is what really matters.   Attitude is so important to how we feel about ourselves  and if we know in our hearts we have done the best we can, then that's all that matters.

Fill your days with lovely memories of times with friends and family, walks, drives, times in a garden, times at the office with colleagues, being part of a busy lifestyle and find contentment in that you have spent your time well.

Sometimes it is hard for us to realize that we need to make our time less busy and sometimes there is no way we can make it less busy ~ but the wheel does turn and quieter days allow for that easing of pressure and time for ourselves.

There is much music about time, poetry and books written about time - seems that man has always been preoccupied with time and watched it come and go as  sundials, candle clocks etc. all show ~  all part of a routine and regime.

It is the weekend again and I hope you are able to find some special time where you can make memories and relax at the same time.

I wish you happy hours, times in the sun or in this part of the world time with warm comfort foods and a nice fireside.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a heart that no longer feels the pressure of time as in days gone by - but misses those busy days too.

Love and hugs,

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Carole said...

Fantastic post. I often think about time and how it sometimes slows and other times rushes...

Have a good week.