Saturday, July 28, 2012


Welcome to Saturday evening in my little corner of the world where the sun has shone for most of the day but the chilly wind still blow.  For those of you starting your day - dab and daub paint on the beautiful blank canvas that is Saturday for you.

Make it colourful and bright - find beautiful things to do, to enjoy ~ this day will never come again so be sure to be present to each moment of it.

I have painted my canvas well today with pleasant times, pleasant company, some creativity, a lovely lunch with a friend and then coffee and upon coming home I indulged myself with the bliss of an afternoon sleep. Boy I must have needed it - because two hours just disappeared as I rested, refreshed and restored.  It was lovely to wake warm and comfortable.

It has been a busy day with an early start for a journey across town - driving through the Central Business District is not something I have done for a long time due to being ill, recovery and the generosity of those who wanted to drive me - ("Driving Miss Daisy") but today that dragon was slain and I did very well with time to spare.  Only thing not enjoyed was the entrance to the parking area which was very very narrow and a little hair raising.

A successful beading class - earrings and matching floating necklace made and some other "spoils" purchased and then back across the city to the local Hotel to the "Rat and Parrot" for lunch.    

The "Rat and Parrot" is an English style pub serving English type meals and it seemed proper to do this on the opening day of the Olympiad in London.

It was lovely for me to see my beloved Welsh Flag flying on a winter wind, along with other British flags and my choice of lunch was almost Irish whilst Narelle chose typical English "Bangers and Mash".  I was shocked and very surprised when my "Guinness Pie" came out - it was H U G E and most definitely too big to finish.   Narelle was defeated by the size of her lunch too.

My Guinness Pie

Narelle's Bangers and Mash

The reason, apart from the size of the meals, that we couldn't finish could well be the Tasting Platter of dips, pitta bread, olives and feta that we had shared first.

We did manage a mango and macadamia cheesecake desert between us and of course neither of us will be having dinner this evening.

So for me it has been a day of dabbing and daubing on my canvas and I am contented with my day  - it was all quiet and calm and the shared company was great - we often meet in a group but sometimes a one on one excursion is lovely and today Dianne and Ilona were doing a winery tour of the Southern Vales.  I hope their day was as pleasant as ours has been.

There was joy in my journey today - the joy of achieving and the pure and sweet joy of being alive and living well.

I hope that for those who have already arrived at Saturday evening that your day has been pleasant and that you have nurtured your inner being and for those of you who stand at the threshold of Saturday - pick up your paint pots and your brushes and go paint on your canvas.   

However you choose to spend your day - shopping, gardening, resting, relaxing, checking for storm damage, pulling weeds, walking, listening to music or in the sweet company of someone you love ~ may it be a wonderful day for you.   When you look back on the day I hope that you can see the wonderful masterpiece that you have painted and feel the wonder of being alive and present to the moment.

Checking for storm damage can be a literal thing as some areas have had great storms, but it also can mean checking ourselves out for the damage that life can cause, and setting in place plans for healing.  I have learned my lesson well and I am learning to pace myself so that there is much less damage.  

I hope too that those of you who have to work on Saturday can find joy and achievement in your work and that you can enjoy the company of colleagues and make the day pleasant for those with whom you deal.

Thank you for calling by to read the Musings from My Heart - a happy heart that is at peace with itself.

Love and hugs,

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