Sunday, July 29, 2012


Good Morning from a grey grey city - a city gripped by winter but very beautiful in it's own way.  Everything is silver grey and there are diamond rain drops on the leaves of the trees - it is very lovely.  It is cold, but I have warm clothes on and soon will be complaining about it being too hot.  I don't like the heat very much at all and like the humidity even less.   Weather is something we can do nothing about apart from putting into place strategies to cope with the conditions and making adjustments.

Lots of the drought stricken places in North America are getting good soaking rains and storms are raging along the east coast.  Wherever you are, - be it summer or winter - take care in the storms that life brings your way and be safe.

The changing of seasons. changing of circumstance remind me of the threads that go to making up our lives ~ they all fit together in a pattern to make the "big picture" and only when we stand back from the loom can we see the tapestry that we have woven with the threads given to us.

There are bright and dark threads and yet each is so necessary to the beauty of the picture we are weaving of our lives.  There are the gold and silver thread of the high spots in our lives mingling with the more ordinary colours of ordinary days, and of course there are the black and rough threads of troubled times.   

I hope that you are able to temper the roughness of the threads with the beautiful ones, thus making a delightful tapestry of your life.

My great Uncle ran "The Tapestry Works" in my home town and as a little child I was often witness to the looms working at fast speed and the way the shuttle would fly and it fascinated me how the colours were woven together and quickly formed the tapestry.    

Life is like a tapestry and the shuttle flies very fast - be sure that you don't miss a moment of your life because you never get it back which is why I actively encourage you all to be present to each moment, to find joy in the little things, to love and to laugh often. 

Consider the colours you have to weave, there are the bright and beautiful colours of laughter, love, hope, joy, inspiration and imagination - the darker colours when the clouds gather around us for a while but place them all together and weave away and you will behold a grand and glorious tapestry that is your life.

Whatever you are doing on my Sunday morning - if the weather is sunny enjoy, stay warm (or cool if you are in the northern Hemisphere) and take shelter from the storms that batter us in our lives.   

Seize the Day - Be Present to each moment of each and every day and I wish you health and happiness as you weave away.

Thank you for visiting the musings of my heart - a heart that finds joy in the  colours of my life and in the invisible threads of friendship that may tangle or twist but will not break. 

Love and hugs,

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Lynne Ahrens said...

Thank you for not only another
selightful piece of music,
but wonderful words
that conjure marvellous