Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Good evening and welcome to Tuesday evening in my little corner of the world - Ruby Tuesday - a day to remember to sparkle and shine and to look for the gems and jewels that are to be found along our pathway each day.

These gems and jewels are truly beautiful when we find them - I have just walked outside and viewed a full moon in a clear velvet sky that is filled with diamonds.  The air is crisp and cold, but it is truly beautiful.

My daffodils are dancing to the symphony of an early spring and the blossom on the almond tree is beautiful - and soon the wind will blow those blossom petals on to my pathway and it will be like a snow fall.

I stepped out in faith today and followed my heart with very great encouragement from a friend - who told me to "hit the road and to remember that roads are for journeys not destinations." and it was the right and proper thing for me - my instinct was right, I took the journey and there was joy in the journey.

Some days are filled with activities and others much quieter - for some this Tuesday is a full on schedule and to them I say don't miss the gems and jewels along your pathway  ~ slow down, take some deep breaths and find those gems that will feed your soul.  Courage, energy and strength for the task.

It is true - only you know what is right for you - be guided by loving family or friends, but follow that gut instinct and find the treasures in your life and follow your heart.

I came home and took my nap - I am getting very good at this "napping" - when they make it an Olympic sport I suspect I shall have a chance at a gold medal.

Life is and can be full of adventure and exciting times - I have a cooking class on Saturday ~ this time "Citrus, Cannelloni and Cotta" ~ A Mediterranean Taste Sensation and possibly another one at the end of September ~
"Chermoula, Chicken and Couscous" ~ Delights from the Casbah.

It is very special to me to be out and about enjoying these classes and my beading classes - it has been a long time since I have been able to be part of the world and I am looking forward to working with Donate Life at our Royal Adelaide Show from September 7 ~ 16.  Life is good and I am able to do these things and I do so with a thankful heart ~ I am following my instincts and doing only what I am able to do and being careful not to overdo things. 
While I am out enjoying these things, I am also enjoying the treasure that friendship is - the joy of working together, laughing together and generally just having fun. 

There are times when I need a push to get out and do things and today was one of them and I am grateful for the encouragement and message of support.   

Veni vidi vici ~ I came, I saw, I conquered.(well almost - at least I have made a good start.) 

Wherever you are - be it hot or cold - and whatever your Tuesday holds for you (and the same thing applies for Wednesday and every day) find joy in the little things - the people you greet with a smile, a kindly word, an open door,  see the lovely things around you, take in the fragrances of life, keep your eyes open and make sure you hear the sonata of life and when the music plays for you I hope that you can dance.

Thank you for visiting the musings of my heart ~ a heart that is very aware of the life I have been gifted and very thankful for the loving support I receive daily.

Love and hugs,

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