Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Welcome to Ruby Tuesday - a day where the sun is shining here in Adelaide, although the winter wind is blowing.  

This is a day of recovery for me - of finding myself again after a great struggle to find where I had gone.   Yesterday I was all out of step with myself and my life and my dearest friend suggested that there could be some weeds in the cracks of my life that needed dealing with and I guess even when we think we have dealt with most things, there are those pesky weeds that just keep coming back no matter how often we pull them out.  They require a deeper cleansing and I am sure I shall find them and deal with them.

I was weepy and all at sixes and sevens and it is much easier to handle days like that when we understand why it is happening and I have come to the conclusion that my problem was fatigue ~ that long and busy days in succession don't work for me anymore and that I must take the lesson and pace myself and force myself to have a nap each afternoon.   I must learn to take a rest as part of my health care of myself and not see it as a weakness - it is only when I get overtired that I fall into the cracks along with the weeds.

I understand that there will always be days when the sun doesn't shine as brightly, nor the music play as sweetly and that we can't have the rainbow without the rain, but by taking better care of myself I can ensure that these out of step days don't happen very often.

I understand that those days when sadness visits us make us appreciate even more the happy days but when they come out of the blue they catch us by surprise and I was a quivering blubbering mess.

Today I am fine - been out and about and had lunch by the river and although cold, it was peaceful, relaxing and refreshing.   I picked up lunch and my book and rested and restored somewhat.   It was a big lesson to learn and one I have taken seriously as taking care of myself is as important as taking medications and attending appointments.

I am monitored often, medicated well and it is up to me to take care of myself and not become overtired. 

Irises in the garden by the hairdresser.

The cycle track viewed from where I sat for lunch.

Out in the sunshine at the River.
I am blessed indeed to have someone to talk to who cares enough to help me dig to find out if it is weeds or fatigue and who assured me that I would feel better tomorrow and I do ~ but lesson learned here - to pace myself and live each day gently and to be sure to maintain my health by rests and sleep.  Even if I am not able to sleep I no longer get up I stay there and rest.

As you can see - the sun came out today and I am much better, but when you have those blue days when you just can't hear the beat of the music to march to, perhaps it is time for you to take a look and see if there is any better way that you can take care of yourself.

I count myself very blessed because I do have my health, my family and lovely friends who stand by me and support me when I "wobble" and assure me that things will be okay and they are.

Thank you - you know who you are and your friendship is cherished.   I wish you all a wonderful week ahead, days in the sunshine, music to thrill and delight you, flowers in your garden, lovely coffee and the company of those you love to cheer you on and support you.

Love and hugs,

PS when I found the pretty iris flowers I decided I would try each day to try to find something beautiful in our world to share with you.   Watch this space.  


Lynne Ahrens said...

So glad you have decided to take special care of yourself. It is difficult to accept our limitations but we must accept them and move on.
Hugs to you and may there be more irises than weeds in the cracks from now on

Honour Rosser said...

Linda you are a very special cherished lady and a friend I am blessed to know. We all have those cracks some deeper than others and have times of 'laying low' to deal with them and be kind to ourselves. Sometimes you just have to keep repeating you are not weak and you will get up and march on again. I have to continually every day remind myself of this. Some days I succeed well others I fail miserably but the special ladies in my life keep me sane and they know who they are. The irises are beautiful such a deep colour. Your new picture is divine and you look radiant in pink. The park looked lovely and peaceful that is where I go when I am really down - being outside with God and nature restores the soul. God Bless my friend<3