Friday, August 17, 2012


Welcome to Friday evening and the chilly winds are blowing in my City right now - but that is good compared to what they were doing overnight - they howled and roared and the rain bucketed down - a real winter night which I shared with my electric blanket, my lovely downy quilt and pillow.

In spite of the wind and heavy rain my daffodils were dancing this morning in their tub - strong and beautiful.  They withstood the storm - and I was encouraged when I send a picture of them to a friend and said they had "stood strong in the storm" to receive a message back saying "of course they did and so did you ~ Well done" a short sentence but such encouragement to me ~ an acknowledgement that I have withstood the storms that raged about me.

This message was a real ray of sunshine at the start of my day ~ simple words of encouragement and how much we need those. 

See if you can be someones ray of sunshine by a kind deed, a cheerful word of encouragement, a phone call, a message and believe me it will make all the difference to how that person handles the day in front of them.

The week seems to have gone quickly in many ways and yet in others it has been slow going - I had a clinic appointment at Flinders yesterday at the Dermatology Department and that, instead of being tedious and boring was turned into a pleasant time by the rays of sunshine emitted by the Student
Doctor and the Dermatologist - positive encouragement and advice about soap substitutes and moisturizers, sunblock, hats and long sleeves.   I am in remarkable shape for the skin I am in - despite the scarring from the Stevens Johnson and the star patterns from the Prednisolone ~ all is well ~ thank goodness the heaters were on because it was cold taking off my clothes.

I was early for the appointment and was seen early, had a great experience at the Pharmacy with another ray of Sunshine and in spite of traveling home in filthy weather, drivers were courteous and we made it home safely with a lovely beef soup bubbling away in the slow cooker and the house smelling lovely. 

John checked the Post Office today which meant I didn't have to go out at all, so I have spent the day catching up on letters, cards and emails and talking on the phone.  It is hard to imagine as we here in Australia shiver and feel the cold that our Northern Hemisphere friends are sitting outside on their porch enjoying coffee, company and a beautiful balmy evening.  The American children will soon be settled back in the routine of School and another education year started for them whereas we here in Australia will be into term four very soon and then it will be Christmas.  I think there are about seven birthdays in this family before Christmas and the weeks will soon pass.

"The Golden Girls" have bought a voucher for a long and leisurely breakfast soon and I for one will enjoy that.   I have two cooking classes before the end of the year and those sort of things slotted into my diary make me realize how quickly time passes.

I have taken on the monumental task of sorting my beads into appropriate size containers for appropriate sized beads and once done it will be much better - I have quite a collection and want to get into making some more things particularly for Christmas - but until this tidying and sorting is done - there is no way that would work.

It is early evening for me and my blanket is warming my bed and the day has come to an end - the darkness is with us and the wind still howls - hopefully by tomorrow Mother Nature will be over whatever it is that has upset her and will be more settled.

I hope wherever you are in this beautiful world that you are warm and safe and that you have a ray of sunshine in your life ~ I do in mine and I know how blessed I am.

Take care as the weekend settles in - those of you for whom Friday is dawning - all is well - Friday has been a good day and I gladly share it with you, for those heading off to bed soon I wish you peaceful slumber, be warm and safe and I hope your dreams are safe.

I have just compared the word "beading" and "heading"  and they are pronounced so differently although spelled the same - the complexities of the English language,.  My crossword puzzle companion is home from a few days away so we will get back into doing puzzles together and challenging our brains.

What do you have planned for this weekend ~ I know some of you have family celebrations and I am delighted that you are able to share family times together - make memories to last and enjoy it all.

Some have sporting functions and others no plans at all - whatever you do - do it with love and good grace and be sure to enjoy - I have some shopping to do but not a lot and hopefully next time I can report that this beads are sorted.

I plan to watch a movie while I am doing the sorting - not sure if that is good or bad but I will be warm and relaxed so I will find contentment in whatever I do.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart and I wish you happiness and good times this weekend.

Love and hugs,

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