Thursday, August 23, 2012


Welcome to Thursday afternoon in South Australia and in the northern hemisphere morning is on its way to you.  Mother Nature has been tossing all sorts of tantrums here today - we have had the full gamut of winter weather - hail, rain, wind, thunder, lightening, flooding and storm damage.  Road weather alerts and flood alerts are still out - but in between all of this we have seen glimpses of sunshine (albeit it has been very cold) but nevertheless the sun has shone and it has been my focus for the day.

When I did my shopping this morning - there were many people with umbrellas blown inside out and some were not happy about it - I laughed as I hurried inside the complex along with another lady - we were wet but we shared laughter. 

In all of this my daffodils have stood tall and strong and bent in the wind, not broken and have brought much joy.

As I write now the rain is tumbling down again and the day is coming to an end, lights are on and I feel for people getting off trains and buses coming home from work.   It is much better though to get wet coming home than going to work - nice hot shower and warm clothes and we can soon settle again.

I checked the clock during the afternoon and at the time the school children would have been leaving school the rain poured down - lots of lovely puddles for children to play in - but I suspect that most of them would have been collected by car and no time to play in puddles.

It is important that we remain focused in our lives and don't become derailed by the events and circumstances that happen to us, and there is always something beautiful around us for us to focus on.

The periods of sunshine today have been my focus - bright and beautiful and all sorts of sunshine yellow things have kept me on target and chased away any sad thoughts.  My daffodils dancing in the wind have brought much joy to my day but for the most part I have been inside and keeping warm.

I had good intentions for today to sort through my bead collection, but somehow or other it did not happen and they remain messy for another day - if tomorrow is like today I shall certainly set some time aside to sort them.
I also have a quiet weekend so by Monday I hopefully will have things sorted and put away.

I don't remember winter being this cold or wet - maybe during our drought times we have had much milder winters and I have forgotten the biting cold winds and the driving rain.  Although I am feeling the cold I much prefer it to the blistering heat of an Australian summer.

I have been listening to the radio with matters of politics and defamatory allegations - I know this happens the world over ~ I am losing faith in the integrity of the media, electronic and paper and find all the leaking of documents, allegations and the slur campaigns and the downright venomous allegations distress me.  Apologies are made, but the damage is done and the malicious damage cannot be undone and I question the integrity of many.
For me it is a matter of staying focused on what I believe and being very glad that I didn't take up the opportunity of entering politics.

It gets to the stage that we don't know who to believe and who is doing the outright lying - it makes me disappointed and distressed.

Staying focused is my goal and not being part of lies and deceit and I have so many positive things to be focused on.

My life is changed - there is the "new normal" and I concentrate on the positives, see joy in the little things, and tend not to sweat the small stuff, and it is all small stuff really.  I try to "always look on the bright side" and be positive, encouraging, supportive and loving.

This is my journey and there is joy in my journey.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a heart that feels sadness at some events, but remains focused.   I keep my eyes on the hedgerow and not upon the thorns.

Love and hugs,

24th. August is Daffodil Day - please buy a daffodil to raise funds for 
cancer research. ..............Thank you  

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