Monday, August 27, 2012


Good Morning and welcome to Monday evening in Australia - lots of my friends will be just waking to Monday morning and I hope that as you all face another week of work/family life/fun that you can all accept the week with thankful hearts and see what you can to to make it very beautiful.

I had a lovely quiet and peaceful weekend and achieved some things I had been wanting to do for a while.  My biggest achievement was sorting out my bead collection and stash and getting it into some sort of order - I DID IT ~ and feel very pleased.  It took a long time, but I listened to sweet music and enjoyed the "bliss of solitude".

Our stormy weather abated and left us with soft damp earth and trees sighing in the wind.  It traveled to USA I believe and there have been storms and Hurricane warnings there and lots and lots of rain.  Be safe wherever you are and stay warm and dry/cool and dry and face your Monday challenges with delight.

Celebrate everyday moments - and there are so many of them to bring smiles and joy.  I made potato and leek soup - and it was lovely, I have been out to lunch for a friend's birthday today.   I enjoyed a lovely afternoon nap (I am still in the running for an Olympic gold medal for napping).

I have had two International phone calls in less than 24 hours and spoken at length with those I love, received photographs of plants thriving on the other side of the world, and a video chat on the phone from the car of a friend ~ it is wonderful to communicate this way and to celebrate friendship.  I had as a call from my late Mother's younger sister and it is always pure magic to talk with her.  She is doing well and is having trouble believing I am as old as I am.  It was amazing to be in the car with friends and to see a pink house on their journey.

It is important that we celebrate everyday moments - nice coffee in the morning, flowers on table, the smell of freshly cut grass, the joy of a good book, or as I have discovered - audio books on my phone.

I found great joy in writing old fashioned mail yesterday and going to the Post Office and listening to the noise as they landed at the bottom of the post box.   

There is great joy in shopping on line and going to the Post Office to collect the packages - I have done shopping for my daughter's birthday (end of October) and part of it arrived today and I am delighted.   It is always lovely when a package lives up to our expectations - today's surely did and I am very pleased.

My neighbour was cooking this morning and the smells from her kitchen were wonderful - another everyday moment ~ I wonder why coffee always smells better than it tastes and why we enjoy meals cooked for us more than those we have cooked.

I have shared and celebrated birds and butterflies in a garden, roses in bloom, daffodils in my garden and I noticed this evening that the rose I pruned recently has new leaves emerging - the wonder of nature amazes me.   I planted a line of daffodils and all fifteen of them have emerged from the dark, cold damp earth and make me smile.

I had cake and coffee by myself yesterday afternoon and it was delightful - it wasn't my birthday but I wanted cake.  I have watched a movie or two, caught up on some television and generally celebrated the everyday moments.

Today the sun shone, the wind was gentle, and life was good a ~ day and a weekend full of everyday moments  ~  life is full of everyday moments and I hope that you can find them in your life.

I shared smiles and giggles with the Staff at the Post Office and felt great joy in getting two packages in the mail - simple everyday things.

I wish you a day full of everyday moments, memories in the making and moments of pure joy as you travel into this week.  I wish you health and happiness, love and laughter, petals on your pathway and diamonds in your sky.

Thank you for visiting the musings of my heart - a heart full of everyday moments.

Love and hugs,

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