Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Welcome to Ruby Tuesday evening in my little corner of the world where the sky has been grey all day - but I have found patches of sunshine in other ways.   The daffodils on my desk are still fresh and smiling and bringing much joy to me.

 It has been cold but it has been a lovely day - my lawns were cut today and the smell was lovely and they look very smart - there has been much growth because of all the rain we have had - lunch and a chat with a friend and then off to the hairdressers for me.

Lovely mail in my box this morning - a delightful card and a wrist band to wear which says "BELIEVE"  - the card is precious and says "I believe in you simply because you are you" - I was and still am delighted.

Those sweet and simple affirmations can bring such joy to hearts - I am blessed indeed and it certainly put a spring in my step and a smile on my lips.

I like Tuesdays when I go to the Hairdresser - they make such a fuss of me and always nice coffee and a chat and even coming home in late afternoon traffic was relatively stress free.  The roads were busy but it was all fine.

I am settled in for a quiet evening and about to have dinner, and then get some emails written and put actual pen to paper while I listen to sweet music. 

The temperature has been higher than recently but now it is cold again and I am about to go and turn on my electric blanket in readiness for bedtime ~ must be my age I think ~ I used to like sliding into cold sheets but not any more.  

Life is sweet for me - but I know that there are many who struggle and I send love and light to them as they take a difficult path ~ there is sadness and pain for many and illness for others.   Wherever you are on your journey be present to the moment ~ this moment will not come again and there is always something to be thankful for.   I know at times it is hard to see.

Many are on holidays or enjoying the anticipation of getting away to rest and recuperate and just enjoy time away with a loved one ~ some of you have just come back from a weekend of memory making and many of you are just plodding along the journey that is your life.  There is joy in the journey and I hope that you can open your eyes to see it, feel it and believe it.

To those of you packing up your homes for a big move, a new life and a grand adventure I wish you well, I wish you a happy new life and I hope that it is all you are dreaming and hoping for.

Thank you for visiting the musings of my heart ~ a heart that has found jewels and gems on this Ruby Tuesday and sends love and care to all.

Love and hugs,

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