Thursday, August 30, 2012


Good afternoon and welcome to Thankful Thursday in my little corner of the world - where although the wind has been bitingly cold, the sun has shone and given us a reminder that spring is coming followed by summer.

We only have today - and whilst it is good the anticipate the future and look forward to don't waste a moment of today - be present to each and every moment.

I have had a day of lovely and very ordinary things.   Shopping early, the purchase of a newly released book (which I can't wait to get started on) and a quick visit to a shut in friend with a book and chocolate.

The shops were not busy (I was early ) and the roads were quiet too so all in all it made for a lovely day.   I am so pleased to be able to do these normal ordinary things again and will enjoy doing crosswords with a friend in a little while.

Staying warm has been difficult because there is still the chill of winter in the winds but my laundry has flapped in the wind and looked lovely.

We are due for a pleasant weekend weather wise and I have no idea what is on my agenda - but I do have my new book and if I can find a spot in the sun and out of the wind that will be a nice way to while away some hours.

The lake was lovely this morning with choppy waves and white caps - but still brave souls ventured out in their sailing craft.

I am expecting mail from overseas and although some did arrive today, there is more to come and it is very exciting - the anticipation is wonderful.  I have cards galore and I am blessed indeed.

On this Thankful Thursday I am thankful for so very much - for love and laughter, music and magic, flowers and friends, books and boxes, coffee and chocolate, letters and love.

My daffodils are still dancing and those on my desk are still standing tall and bringing me immense joy.

I am happy and healthy and quote a friend ...............

"how lucky we have been  - a journey through some bumps, but overall a fair and steady star has guided us thus far."   How true these words are and here's to many more star guided days.

Take care as you journey and be present to each moment of today and every day - don't miss a moment - enjoy it all.

Thank you for visiting the musings of this heart that knows love and friendship and is eternally grateful.

Love and hugs,

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