Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Welcome to my little corner of the world where the wind is howling and the rain is falling.   We have had gale force winds for the past 48 hours and there has been lots of damage and lots of power outages.

It has been a weather event that just keeps coming back - but hopefully by tomorrow morning things will be much calmer.  I am sure the children of Adelaide will be very twitchy (the wind does that to kids) and the wind is never handled easily by me.   I don't like the wind at all - I find it unnerving and distressing, but I am doing okay but will gladly admit to feeling much relief when the wind does go away. 

My daffodils are standing firm and tall in this wind and I am so proud of them - it is lovely to see their brightness in the grey of stormy weather.

I have been very remiss and not been posting here and I have no real idea why - I just seem to be out of routine and out doing things in the real world.  I have done shopping and precious little else, but my days are filled and happy.    Having trouble sleeping in the storm but I am enjoying a warm and beautiful rest.   I have a new release book which is keeping me occupied too.

I bought the new release "A Wanted Man" by Lee Child and am loving it - I sat outside recently in the warmth of a spring day with coffee and finished "I, Michael Bennett" by James Patterson.    We did have one day of warmth and sunshine and it was lovely to have my laundry out flying on a warm breeze.  The towels were fluffy and the bed linen smelled very lovely.

On the way home I called at a local pasta shop (I haven't been there since before I was ill) and was delighted to see that the lovely lady was still there ~ we chatted a while and it was a lovely interlude in my day.

My post office box has been filled with delightful things recently and a card asked me to call inside to collect a parcel.

The parcel held a wonderful gift and as total surprise to me ~ I am now the owner of a beautiful Welsh flag and Flagpole for my house  ~ it is lovely and going up tomorrow - and I will take photographs to share with you.

This is the Welsh Flag which I will fly high and proud as it represents my heritage.  The flag was an absolute surprise and brought me to tears - such thoughtfulness and care.   I am blessed indeed and each time I see the flag flying in the breeze I shall remember my roots, my heritage and the care and love that brought this gift to me - I am blessed indeed in oh so many ways.

So many of my friends are going through struggles right now and I offer a listening ear, a helping hand and a big hug.  Some have moved interstate and feel unsettled, some are ill and many have family issues and one dear friend is quite convinced her house is haunted.   She wakes during the night and hears music and smells cigar smoke and she is home alone.  She is wondering what is going on there.

I am well and doing lots of things and lots of nothing, laughing often and enjoying my life and am thankful for each and every day.

The seasons are changing and the warm day recently reminded me that summer will be on it's way to us and I have heard that some of the leaves in the northern hemisphere have started their wonderful colour change and Mother Nature shall soon be wearing her beautiful autumn gown and will be resplendent.   She certainly has been angry and volatile here the last few days.

To all of you who visit and spend time here - thank you for taking the time to visit the musings of my heart - a contented heart and one looking forward to a family gathering at the end of the week. 

There is always, always something to be thankful for and I am thankful each and every day and I know that in the middle of my storms I have the capacity to stand in the centre of my own peace.  I hope you can find your peace and remain centred there. 

Take care as you venture through the middle of your week, be aware of the beauty around you and feel the love of family and friends.

Love and hugs,

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Carole said...

Hi there. Nice post. I was wondering if you could do me a favour. I am planning a trip to Adelaide in Oct and was wondering what the best way was to go about finding some accommodation -self catering - a little house or cottage - are there any sites/ agents you know of? It doesn't have to be right in the city because we will have a rental car. I am rellay looking forward to checking out the foodie scene!