Sunday, September 9, 2012


Today in my little corner of the world the sun has shone all day and the breeze has been gentle and comforting - so very different to the strong winds of last week.

I have had a busy day but a day filled with hope, excitement and great pleasure.    It was an early start and an early breakfast - but worth while to be out in the world being part of the world.

Left home early for the Showgrounds and my first shift at the Royal Adelaide Show - it was wonderful - all the normal Show smells and noises and stall holders encouraging everyone to buy their wares - nothing has changed in the 12 years since I have been to the annual Show.   But so much has changed for me - I was there on a mission - a mission born of deep gratitude for my gifted life and in the hope of convincing members of the general public to sign on to the Donor Register.   

It was wonderful to work with Staff from Donate Life, other recipients and a Donor Mum.  The conversation was great between us all and there was much laughter and the time spent talking with people was wonderful - I was a girl on a mission.  So much so that my second shift is tomorrow then I have a few days off and will do the last day on Saturday.

Setting up the Stand

My Story in "The Book of Life"

It was a day well spent and I came home on the bus which was, shall we say, "interesting"  I was glad to be home as I am certain some of the drivers think they are on the Dodgem Cars.

It was strange walking around the Show Grounds - in previous years I have spent many days and long hours there - particularly enjoying the Show Jumping on the main arena - but it is a very long time since I have been there and while nothing has changed - the noises, the smells, the crowds - lots of it has changed - there have been renovations made and new buildings now grace the Showgrounds.   Even the bus terminal is in a different place - progress I guess.

There was all the usual foods - fairy floss, doughnuts, "dippy dogs", ribs, waffles and even some Indian foods.  The Show bags are expensive and I didn't venture into that Hall - but I did see lots of things and I am going to find an item tomorrow or Saturday because I have just the person in mind for this particular item.

I did see a stand of lovely leather handbags but managed to restrain myself (having left my credit card at home deliberately) ~ I may not be quite so restrained tomorrow - hehehe. 

All the fun of the fair - tired and crying children, frustrated Parents, lots of young people wearing silly hats and enjoying themselves, good conversation with the public, and generally a spirit of good will.

What pleases me most of all is to be well enough to be there and to be part of an educational program for Donate Life.  I am proud and pleased to honour my Donor and give respect to all Organ Donors ~ I live because someone signed up to be a Donor and I am thankful.

It has been a busy day but a good day and I have found that if you love life, life will love you - and I hope that you are enjoying and loving your life and that indeed life is loving you.  It is truly special to love and be loved in return ~ to share life and it's secrets and wonders with someone who shares your hopes and dreams. 

Thank you for visiting the Musings of this heart that finds joy in giving some time to something I really believe in and know works and is valuable.

Love and hugs,

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RellaB said...

good on you Linda for flying the flag for organ donations. I too am glad for your donor and will always be grateful for his gift. RellaB